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rethinkdbdash - An advanced Node

  •    Javascript

A Node.js driver for RethinkDB with more advanced features. Note: The rethinkdbdash-unstable package is a relic from the past (rethinkdb < 1.13).

thinky - JavaScript ORM for RethinkDB

  •    Javascript

=============================== Light Node.js ORM for RethinkDB. Save a new post with its author.

3ree - An example universal JS application written with the 3REE stack, React + Redux + RethinkDB + Express

  •    Javascript

An example universal JS application written with the 3REE stack, React + Redux + RethinkDB + Express. A stack for building apps, front and back end, with just Javascript. This project was initially conceived to experiment with using these technologies in conjunction with one-another. I have written a blog that relates to this codebase.

panther - Discover artists through an infinite node graph

  •    Javascript

Panther is a full-stack React/Redux/Node web app that uses the Spotify API to make suggestions based on an initial user-specified artist. It uses a graph consisting of vertices and edges to represent the data. At the center, the user's currently-selected artist, along with the artist's avatar and some audio samples of the artist's top tracks. To the left is a vertex representing the previous artist, and to the right are 3 suggestions. By clicking on the vertices, users can move forwards and backwards through their suggestion tree, (hopefully) discovering a bunch of awesome new music.

Spectrum - Simple, powerful online communities

  •    Javascript

Spectrum aims to be the best platform to build any kind of community online by combining the best of web 2.0 forums and real-time chat apps. With best-in-class moderation tooling, a single platform for all your communities, threaded conversations by default, community health monitoring (and much more to come), we think that we will be able to help more people start and grow the best online communities.

rethinkdb-go - Go language driver for RethinkDB

  •    Go

Please note that this version of the driver only supports versions of RethinkDB using the v0.4 protocol (any versions of the driver older than RethinkDB 2.0 will not work). If you need any help you can find me on the RethinkDB slack in the #gorethink channel.

Transporter - Sync data between persistence engines, like ETL only not stodgy

  •    Go

Compose Transporter helps with database transformations from one store to another. It can also sync from one to another or several stores.Transporter allows the user to configure a number of data adaptors as sources or sinks. These can be databases, files or other resources. Data is read from the sources, converted into a message format, and then send down to the sink where the message is converted into a writable format for its destination. The user can also create data transformations in JavaScript which can sit between the source and sink and manipulate or filter the message flow.

stream-reactor - Streaming reference architecture for ETL with Kafka and Kafka-Connect

  •    Scala

Lenses offers SQL (for data browsing and Kafka Streams), Kafka Connect connector management, cluster monitoring and more. A collection of components to build a real time ingestion pipeline.

RethinkDb.Driver - :headphones: A C#/.NET RethinkDB driver with 100% ReQL API coverage.

  •    CSharp

A RethinkDB database driver written in C# with 100% ReQL API compatibility and completeness.This open-source driver is dual-licensed. Please read below about SSL/TLS restrictions.

sc-sample-inventory - Sample inventory tracking app built with SocketCluster

  •    HTML

Scroll to the bottom for installation instructions.A sample inventory tracking realtime single page app built with SocketCluster (http://socketcluster.io/), Google's Polymer (v1.0) Framework and RethinkDB. It demonstrates a way of building realtime apps.

penseur - Lightweight RethinkDB wrapper

  •    Javascript

Create a connection to the database. Throws connection errors.Close all database connections.

rethinkdb_nightly - A node module that will execute a nightly backup and push it to S3

  •    Javascript

This is a package that makes backing up your RethinkDB databases to S3 simple. The binary file is a node cronjob that runs at midnight every day and backs up the database specified in the config file.You may optionally substitute the cron "time" field with an explicit "crontab" of the standard format 0 0 * * *.

reheat - A red hot Node.js ORM for RethinkDB.

  •    Javascript

A red hot Node.js ORM for RethinkDB.You can use it, but be prepared to keep a close eye on the changelog.

RequelPro - Database Management Tool for RethinkDB.

  •    Javascript

Database Management Tool for RethinkDB.Published under the GNU General Public License, version 3.

waterline-rethinkdb - A RethinkDB adapter for the Waterline ORM

  •    Javascript

A RethinkDB adapter for the Waterline ORM. Works in a Sails.js app or anything using Waterline for the ORM.This is pre-1.0.0 alpha software! Many RethinkDB/Waterline features/operations are not supported yet.

js-data-rethinkdb - RethinkDB adapter for js-data

  •    Javascript

RethinkDB adapter for the JSData Node.js ORM.Start with the JSData + RethinkDB tutorial or checkout the API Reference Documentation.

sc-crud-rethink - Realtime CRUD data management layer/plugin for SocketCluster using RethinkDB as the database

  •    Javascript

Realtime CRUD data management layer/plugin for SocketCluster using RethinkDB as the database.See https://github.com/socketcluster/sc-sample-inventory for a full working sample.

rethinkdb-cli - CLI and REPL for Rethinkdb

  •    Javascript

Work in progress, but it's still highly usable. Shout out, fork, fix and do pull request. This might prove helpful when you want to fill a table with lots of fake data.

runelm.io - A place to share and run elm code.

  •    Javascript

https://runelm.io – A place to share and run elm code.

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