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libyang - YANG data modeling language library

  •    C

libyang is a YANG data modelling language parser and toolkit written (and providing API) in C. The library is used e.g. in libnetconf2, Netopeer2 or sysrepo projects. Current implementation covers YANG 1.0 (RFC 6020) as well as YANG 1.1 (RFC 7950).

iotvizconf - AutoDev is a solution for managing IoT sensors on mobile vehicles

  •    Javascript

AutoDev is a solution for managing IoT sensors on mobile vehicles. IoT VizConf (shorthand for IoT Visualization and Configuration) is an AutoDev application running on top of OpenDaylight (ODL) supporting IoT device/sensor visualization and sensor programming. More specifically is provides a web-based user interface (UI) enabling the operator to dynamically discover and render a topology of IoT devices sensors embedded in mobile vehicles. The operator can also configure IOT sensors to perform certain policy-driven actions (e.g. track and report on specific data). This application was developed as a tool for the IoT network operator/administrator. Note that this application would be completely separate from a cloud-based application that would consume and process IoT sensor data. IoT VizConf is composed of open source components and interfaces to ODL using model-generated RESTCONF APIs.

pceof-gui - Path Computation Element for OpenFlow -- OpenDaylight's app that employs sophisticated policies to route traffic in software-defined network

  •    Javascript

OpenDaylight (ODL) is an open source application development and delivery platform (also referred to in some circles as a controller). Openflow is a protocol for programming flow tables on switches. PCE-Openflow (PCE-OF) is a new ODL application that applies policy-based path computation and programming thus providing a level of "smart" traffic engineering to openflow networks. PCE-OF Project.

python_code_samples_network - A collection of Python Code Samples for Network Management

  •    Python

A collection of Python Code Samples for Network Management. Includes samples that leverage on-box libraries, as well as samples that use exposed external APIs (NETCONF/RESTCONF, SNMP, SSH, REST, etc). Some examples make use of available SDKs. Many Cisco switches and routers provide an on-box Python Interpreter that can be leveraged to execute scripts and programs directly on end devices. In addition to the interpreter, Python libraries are included that provide direct access to the underlying devices operations to execute CLI commands, or monitor for events.

restconf-examples - RESTconf examples for learning labs and sample code

  •    Python

These scripts use RESTCONF to demonstrate various configurations you can run as examples in the DevNet Sandbox. Contributions are welcome, and we are glad to review changes through pull requests. See contributing.md for details.

yang - Standards-based management for Golang microservices

  •    Go

FreeCONF is a library for adding IETF standards support for configuration, metrics, operations and events to any service written in the Go programming language. With just 5 different services you would need to develop and maintain 25 custom integration scripts or plugins.