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restbase - Distributed storage with REST API & dispatcher for backend services.

  •    Javascript

RESTBase was built to provide a low-latency & high-throughput API for Wikipedia / Wikimedia content. It is basically a storage proxy, which presents a coherent API powered by Swagger specs to the outside, and backs up many of these entry points with storage. The default table storage backend is based on Cassandra, which helps it to perform well at Wikimedia's scale without placing undue burden on operations.As a proxy, RESTBase does not perform any significant content processing itself. Instead, it requests content transformations from backend services when needed, and typically (depending on configuration) stores it back for later retrieval. For high-volume static end points, most requests will be satisfied directly from storage.

swagger-router - A swagger 2 based router with support for assembling multiple APIs from swagger fragments

  •    Javascript

URIs are represented by URI class, which supports a limited set of features from URI Template RFC 6570.These features are optimised and available with URI.expand(params) method. Additional features are available with request templating.

mediawiki-node-services - Run several mediawiki nodejs services (RESTBase, Parsoid) in a single docker container

  •    Javascript

Run several mediawiki nodejs services (RESTBase, Parsoid) in a single docker container. Useful for small / low-memory installs. See config.yaml for the main config file orchestrating this.