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  •    CSS

The 'rest-tool' is simple Node.js module to document, emulate and test RESTful APIs. The main purpose of using 'rest-tool' is to create and maintain a well-defined REST API specification, which provides a solid basis for implementing, mocking and quality assure the RESTful interface.

hexo-theme-doc - A documentation theme for the Hexo blog framework

  •    Javascript

hexo-theme-doc is a documentation theme for Hexo, the fast and powerful blog framework powered by Node.js. It differs from other Hexo themes by allowing you to present documentation—especially REST API documentation. Created by JavaScript/Node.js developers, hexo-theme-doc capitalizes on Hexo's extensibility and system of plugins for adding custom tags, customizing layouts, and processing multiple kinds of sources, which makes generating static websites simpler than other tools.

restdocs-openapi - Adds OpenAPI support for Spring REST Docs

  •    Kotlin

Spring REST Docs is a great tool to produce documentation for your RESTful services that is accurate and readable. We especially like its test-driven approach and this is the main reason why we chose it.

restdocs-raml - Adds RAML support for Spring REST Docs

  •    Java

⚠️ This project has been superseeded by restdocs-openapi. You can still use restdocs-openapi and convert the output to RAML. See the Convert to RAML section in the resdocs-openapi documentation. This is an extension that adds RAML (RESTful API Modeling Language) as an output format to Spring REST Docs.