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ResEx is the composite, translation friendly .NET Resource editor.

Zeta Resource Editor

A small utility application to edit .NET string resources inside multiple resource files (.resx) in parallel.

SharePoint 2010 Central Administration Automatic Resources Link Generator

This feature will automatically generate the resources links list (Quick Links) in your SharePoint 2010 Central Administration site making it easier for SharePoint Admins to navigate through the common Central Administration activities without populating it themselves - VS2010/c#

ResX Resource Manager

Manage localization of all ResX-Based resources in one central place.

RESX Manager

RESX Manager makes it easier for Visual Studio developers to consolidate, synchronize and translate resource files of Visual Studio Solutions and Visual Studio Projects (*.resx, *.wxl). It supports export and import of all resource texts to a single Excel file without requirei...


Generates a .resx file, and the accessor class to use the resource. Supports NAMED TYPED parameters for "inserts" {0}, {1} Strings file format was introduced by Microsoft in early version of Enterprise Library. StringResourceTool was originally posted at GotDotNet site by ...

ASP.NET MVC Resource Engine

The MVC Resource Engine library provides components to use resource engines working similar to asp.net mvc view engines. Rather than putting all resources in one folder, you can distribute them to specific controllers and areas.

Visual Studio Resource Refactoring Tool

A Visual Studio extension that allows to extract strings from Visual Basic, C#, XAML, Razor and ASP.NET files to resx files.


A simple tool for synchronize string resources for two or more resource (resx) files.

Visual Localizer

Visual Localizer is an opensource plugin for VS 2008, 2010 and 2012. It provides advanced functionality for project localization and resource management.

awesome-smart-contracts - 🕶 List of awesome platforms for smart contracts

Curated list of platforms to run Smart Contracts.Ethereum is a gold standard in smart contracts and has biggest capitalization among other platforms. Majority of token sales go on Ethereum platform, with recently standartized token format ERC-20.

nodecloud - Node.js resource directory

This repository hosts the code powering NodeCloud.NodeCloud is a resource directory gathering sites related to Node.js and ordering them by their Alexa traffic rank.

maki - :bento: declarative application framework for high-performance cross-platform services

The complete stack for building extensible apps, faster than ever. Hand-roll your application by telling Maki what your application does, and it takes care of the rest – without getting in your way if you want to customize it.Maki aims to be as lightweight as possible while still offering a base stack that implements #1. We've split out as many components as possible, and offer a list of plugins that can be used to add functionality to any Maki-powered app.