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lilliput - Resize images and animated GIFs in Go

  •    C++

lilliput resizes images in Go. Lilliput relies on mature, high-performance C libraries to do most of the work of decompressing, resizing and compressing images. It aims to do as little memory allocation as possible and especially not to create garbage in Go. As a result, it is suitable for very high throughput image resizing services.

retinal - 🏙 Retinal is a Serverless AWS Lambda service for resizing images on-demand or event-triggered

  •    Javascript

Serverless Framework-based AWS Lambda function triggered by S3 events to resize images with the excellent Sharp module. By using the Sharp module (which uses the libvips library), image processing can be 3x-5x faster than using ImageMagick, thus reducing the time your function spends running, which can potentially dramatically decrease your lambda function's cost. The function's behaviour can be controlled entirely with configuration. A tool to take images uploaded to an S3 bucket and produce one or more images of varying sizes, optimizations and other operations all controlled from a simple configuration file. It does this by creating an AWS Lambda function with the help of the Serverless Framework.