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madge - Create graphs from your CommonJS, AMD or ES6 module dependencies

  •    Javascript

Madge is a developer tool for generating a visual graph of your module dependencies, finding circular dependencies, and give you other useful info. Joel Kemp's awesome dependency-tree is used for extracting the dependency tree. Read the changelog for latest changes.

conditioner - 💆🏻 Frizz free, context-aware, JavaScript modules

  •    Javascript

Conditioner provides a straight forward Progressive Enhancement based solution for linking JavaScript modules to DOM elements. Modules can be linked based on contextual parameters like viewport size and element visibilty making Conditioner your perfect Responsive Design companion. Mount a component (like a Date Picker, Section Toggler or Carrousel), but only do it on wide viewports and when the user has seen it.

TableExport - The simple, easy-to-implement library to export HTML tables to xlsx, xls, csv, and txt files

  •    Javascript

In order to provide Office Open XML SpreadsheetML Format ( .xlsx ) support, you must include the following third-party library in your project before both FileSaver.js and TableExport. To support legacy browsers ( Chrome < 20, Firefox < 13, Opera < 12.10, IE < 10, Safari < 6 ) include the Blob.js polyfill before the FileSaver.js script.

dependo - Visualize your CommonJS or AMD module dependencies in a force directed graph report.

  •    HTML

Visualize your CommonJS, AMD, or ES6 module dependencies in a force directed graph report - powered by D3.js. Let me introduce dependo - A small visualization tool that draws an force directed graph of JavaScript dependencies pulled from a codebase of CommonJS, AMD, or ES6. Behind the scene I’m using a wonderful library named node-madge, to extract the dependencies and combined with the power of D3.js I draw a beautiful zoomable directed graph.

colorjoe - Scaleable color picker with touch and AMD support (MIT)

  •    Javascript

colorjoe was somewhat inspired by ColorJack and RightJS Colorpicker. Unlike those it actually scales pretty well. Essentially this means that you'll be able to define its actual dimensions and layout using a bit of CSS. This way the widget fits well responsive layouts. In addition it's relatively easy to implement missing functionality (RGB fields, whatnot) thanks to the simple API it provides.

modules-webmake - Bundle CommonJS/Node.js modules for web browser

  •    Javascript

Bundle CommonJS/Node.js modules for web browsers. Webmake allows you to organize JavaScript code for the browser the same way as you do for Node.js.

uRequire - The Ultimate JavaScript Module Builder & Automagical Task Runner

  •    CoffeeScript

Docs / wiki / http://uRequire.org mainly are Work In Progress (in transition from v0.6.x) - but everything should work except you'll need npm install urequire-cli -g & npm install urequire locally (if you are using the CLI urequire instead of the the recommended grunt-urequire). Check uRequire's master config / docs for up to date usage. conversion from AMD or CommonJs (or a combination of both) to UMD or combined (<script>, AMD & nodejs compatible) javascript.

grunt-requirejs - RequireJs (r.js) plugin for grunt.js

  •    Javascript

If you haven't used grunt before, be sure to check out the Getting Started guide. Inside your Gruntfile.js file add a section named requirejs. This section specifies the options passed to RequireJS Optimizer.


  •    JQuery

jQuery plugin for use with requirejs. Allows you to do $(selector).require([plugin], function() { $(this).plugin; }); With the advantage that it only loads the dependencies when at least one element is selected. Let's $(selector).require()!

dryice - CommonJS/RequireJS build tool

  •    Javascript

A CommonJS/RequireJS packaging tool for browser scripts


  •    Javascript

requirejs client, server, and client-server unit testing

angularjs-ee-boilerplate - angularjs enterprise edition boilerplate

  •    Javascript

English is the universal language nowadays, so please don't create or comment on issues using another language.

node-jade-amd - Helpers for working with Jade templates in an AMD setting

  •    Javascript

This module lets you use Jade easily on the browser in an AMD environment - like RequireJS.See the README.md file in the example folder. It contains a guided tour through all the moving parts.

devextreme-examples - A set of sample applications that will help you to get started.

  •    Javascript

A set of sample applications that will help you get started with DevExtreme.Each example in this section holds a simple application containing a dxButton widget with an alert dialog. It is enough to demonstrate how to link the required DevExtreme modules to the application using RequireJS, SystemJS, webpack or jspm with jQuery, AngularJS, Angular or Knockout approach. All examples require Node.js and npm to install DevExtreme package and its dependencies. Basic principles of working with these tools would be also helpful.

requirejs-hogan-plugin - RequireJS Hogan / Mustache Plugin

  •    Javascript

Load mustache / hogan.js templates dynamically during development and compile them during build to achieve greater performance.The plugin code is only required for dynamic load so you can use the r.js setting stubModules to remove the text! and hgn! plugins during build, see test/build.js for example.

facebook-nodejs-ads-sdk - Facebook Ads API using Node.js

  •    Javascript

This Ads API SDK is built to facilitate application development for Facebook Ads API. This SDK can be used for both server side as well as client side. It comes with ECMAScript 5 bundled minified distribution with source maps of AMD, CommonJS modules, IIFE, as UMD and as Browser Globals.Checkout gulpfile.js for all available tasks.