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dynamics.js - Javascript library to create physics-based animations

  •    CoffeeScript

To see some demos, check out dynamicsjs.com. You can animate CSS properties of any DOM element.

animation-frame - An even better requestAnimationFrame

  •    Javascript

It will replace native implementation if it does exist but still will use it if possible. So you can use window.requestAnimationFrame and window.cancelAnimationFrame after this safely. Optionally you can pass the frame rate. There are devices with different refresh rate than 60 out of there. You can define a custom value, for the shim implementation. Native implementation should do it for you. Do it before requesting frames, because after that the frame length is cached.

raf - requestAnimationFrame polyfill library

  •    Javascript

requestAnimationFrame polyfill for node and the browser. Note: The stream/event emitter logic found in versions prior to 1.0.0 can be found in raf-stream.

raf-loop - a minimal requestAnimationFrame render loop

  •    Javascript

A minimal requestAnimationFrame render loop for node and the browser, using high-performance timing where possible.Creates a new loop with an optional function to receive tick events. The function will be called with delta time as the first parameter, in milliseconds.

frame-loop - timing for simulations and games for node and the browser

  •    Javascript

If a function fn(dt) is given, it will be registered as a listener for the 'tick' event.If opts.requestFrame isn't provided, it will be detected dynamically.


  •    Javascript

Call a function at a constant rate no matter what the rate the accumulator is called at.

sob - Schedule on Browser

  •    Javascript

This is a zero dependencies utility to manage, in a simple and fully cross browser way, calls to requestAnimationFrame and requestIdleCallback. New in version 0.1.0 the ability to schedule regular timeouts and intervals only when the tab is visible, saving operations for when the user needs them, as opposite to regardless.

react-raf-batching - A game-like batching strategy for React

  •    Javascript

A batching strategy for React that's more like a game. This may make your apps more performant but harder to test.

raf - requestAnimationFrame

  •    Javascript

Request the animation frame with raf(fn), cancel with raf.cancel(id).

react-animation-frame - A React higher-order component that invokes a callback in a wrapped component via requestAnimationFrame

  •    Javascript

A React higher-order component for invoking component repeating logic using requestAnimationFrame. It works in both the browser and React Native. The module follows the CommonJS format, so it is compatible with Browserify and Webpack. It also supports ES5 and beyond.

o2.js - A Coherent Solution to Your JavaScript Dilemma

  •    HTML

This project is no longer maintained (at least for a while). Although this branch is (by definition) stable, it's missing a lot of features since it's being rewritten.

crtrdg-entity - crtrdg entity module

  •    Javascript

Install node if you haven't already. Almost every javascript game / animation library I've found bundles things like requestAnimationFrame polyfill, gameloop, entities, abstract drawing methods, keyboard/mouse input, vector math, and more into one entangled library. If I don't like how the library handles just one of those components, I'm stuck with dead library weight, and sometimes it's difficult to replace a library's methods.

requestanimationframe-fix.js - Fix for requestAnimationFrame with lots of elements

  •    Javascript

The issue this fixes: You've got a page with many canvases each independently using requestAnimationFrame (rAF) to handle animation. Most browsers as of March 2015 don't check if the canvas is off the screen. It seems a little short sited the default use case of rAF doesn't give the browser enough information to know if your canvas is off the screen since by default rAF doesn't require you to tell it which element you care about. Why is this a problem? Imagine you're making a webpage about physics. Every 2 or 3 paragraphs you have an interactive animated diagram using rAF. In total you have 15 diagrams as you go down the page. Because of the API design every diagram is always running even though at any one time only 1 to 3 of them are visible. You find that your diagrams are running janky at 5-10fps instead of smooth at 60fps.

rAF-timeout - The setTimeout and setInterval functions re-made with requestAnimationFrame.

  •    Shell

The setTimeout and setInterval functions re-made with requestAnimationFrame. For performance.