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gitinsight - Visualise your git log in new and exciting ways!

  •    CSS

This project is a natural sequel to Gitlogg, a project that parses the git log of multiple repositories into JSON. The idea is to help organizations visualize their data in ways that help them understand what lies behind their codebase. This project relies on Gitlogg API to render data. Accessing data locally (as originally done until version v1.0.3) would hit a wall as browsers only cache a limited amount of data. It was also important to outsource the massaging of the data to a dedicated service, as too many operations had to be made to show even the simplest output. Now these operations are done at the API.

gitlogg - Parse the 'git log' of multiple repos to 'JSON'

  •    Javascript

Parse the 'git log' of one or several 'git' repositories into a sanitised and distributable 'JSON' file. git log is a wonderful tool. However its output can be not only surprisingly inconsistent, but also long, difficult to scan and to distribute.