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goreporter - A Golang tool that does static analysis, unit testing, code review and generate code quality report

  •    Go

Install goreporter (see above).You have to confirm that your project is operational. In particular, the problem with vendor, when the package is not found in the default path, goreporter will look again from the possible vendor path.

consola - 🐨 Elegant Console Logger

  •    Javascript

Choose between one of the built-in reporters or bring own reporter. By default FancyReporter is registered for modern terminals or BasicReporter will be used if running in limited environments such as CIs.

xCrash - 🔥 xCrash provides the Android app with the ability to capture java crash, native crash and ANR

  •    C

xCrash provides the Android app with the ability to capture java crash, native crash and ANR. No root permission or any system permissions are required. xCrash can generate a tombstone file (similar format as Android system's tombstone file) in the directory you specified when the app process crashes or ANRs.

nyc - the Istanbul command line interface

  •    Javascript

Having problems? want to contribute? join our community slack. Istanbul instruments your ES5 and ES2015+ JavaScript code with line counters, so that you can track how well your unit-tests exercise your codebase.

jshint-stylish - Stylish reporter for JSHint

  •    Javascript

🔥 Want to strengthen your core JavaScript skills and master ES6? I would personally recommend this awesome ES6 course by Wes Bos.The system bell will make a sound if there were any warnings or errors.

eslint-formatter-pretty - Pretty ESLint formatter

  •    Javascript

In iTerm, Cmd+click the filename header to open the file in your editor.

tap-nyan - tap -> nyan

  •    Javascript

Formatted TAP output like Mocha's spec reporter

mocha-osx-reporter - A Mocha reporter. Report results with OSX Notification Center.

  •    Javascript

mocha-osx-reporter is a reporter for mocha that displays test results in the OSX Notification Center). It only works for node.js at the moment.If you want to use another reporter to display the outputs to the console, you can use mocha-multi.

mocha-multi-reporters - Generate multiple mocha reports in a single mocha execution.

  •    Javascript

Generate multiple mocha reports in a single mocha execution. To generate junit report, we are using mocha-junit-reporter.

eslint-tap - TAP formatter for ESLint

  •    Javascript

TAP, the Test Anything Protocol, is a simple text-based interface between testing modules in a test harness. TAP started life as part of the test harness for Perl but now has implementations in C/C++, Python, PHP, Perl and probably others by the time you read this.

wpt-reporter - We use the webpage test reporter to drive WebPageTest.

  •    Javascript

Collect browser metrics using WebPageTest and choose how to report it. We wrap the functionality of the WebPageTest API and collect the most important metrics from the (giant) result JSON and report it as/to CSV/JSON/Graphite/statsv.We use it at Wikimedia to collect metrics, you can check our Grafana graphs here.

tap-browser-color - A simple reporter for tap/tape that makes the body tag yellow/red/green if pending/failing/passing

  •    Javascript

A super simple tap/tape reporter that changes the body tag background color depending on if the tests are passing, failing, or pending. This is meant for live-coding or environments where you want a big swath of color when your test status changes.

mocha-lcov-reporter - LCOV reporter for Mocha

  •    Javascript

LCOV reporter for Mocha. LCOV format can be found in this geninfo manpage. This LCOV reporter was built after Sonar Javascript Plugin LCOVParser class.

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