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grunt-replace - Replace text patterns with applause.

  •    Javascript

Replace text patterns with applause. Define patterns that will be used to replace the contents of source files.


  •    JQuery

A lightweight jQuery plugin to prettify your select elements without replacing their default behaviour.

replace-string - Replace all substring matches in a string

  •    Javascript

Similar to String#replace(), but supports replacing multiple matches. You could achieve something similar by putting the string in a RegExp constructor with the global flag and passing it to String#replace(), but you would then have to first escape the string anyways.Returns a new string with all needle matches replaced with replacement.

level-filesystem - Full implementation of the fs module on top of leveldb

  •    Javascript

If any of the methods do not behave as you would expect please add a test case or open an issue.When you get an error in a callback it is similar to what you get in Node core fs.

shader-reload - An interface for reloading GLSL shaders on the fly.

  •    Javascript

This is an experimental interface for live shader reloading in ThreeJS, regl, and other WebGL frameworks. This means you can edit your GLSL shader files without re-starting your entire application state. Works with regular strings, template strings, and/or transforms like brfs and glslify. Handles errors with a client-side popup that disappears on subsequent reloads.See this tweet for a longer video.

svr - HTTP development server done right

  •    CSS

It's similar micro-dev, but out of the box for any framework that use http.Server.listen() interface. svr is assuming you have a main file declared in your package.json in the project directory.

frep - A find and replace utility

  •    Javascript

Find and replace utility for node.js. Transform strings by running multiple RegExp or string find-and-replace patterns on a string in sequence, reducing the final string to the accumulated result of each transformation. Patterns can be strings (or arrays of strings) or regular expressions. Replacements can be strings or functions.

Pinch - String.replace for JavaScript objects (and JSON).

  •    Javascript

Pinch is a small JavaScript utility which is able to replace any data in a JavaScript object (or JSON). You just need to provide a key (for instance users[0].name) in a dot notation or a square bracket notation and a replacement. The replacement can be a string or a function to be called for each match. To be honest, in the first example Pinch is overkill. Pinch is very useful for replacing multiple keys, e.g. converting some values to a number. See the following example.

printf - Tiny, fast, non-dependent and fully loaded printf implementation for embedded systems

  •    C

This is a tiny but fully loaded printf, sprintf and (v)snprintf implementation. Primarily designed for usage in embedded systems, where printf is not available due to memory issues or in avoidance of linking against libc. Using the standard libc printf may pull a lot of unwanted library stuff and can bloat code size about 20k or is not 100% thread safe. In this cases the following implementation can be used. Absolutely NO dependencies are required, printf.c brings all necessary routines, even its own fast ftoa (float), ntoa (decimal) conversion. If memory footprint is really a critical issue, floating point and 'long long' support and can be turned off via the PRINTF_SUPPORT_FLOAT and PRINTF_SUPPORT_LONG_LONG compiler switches. When using printf (instead of sprintf/snprintf) you have to provide your own _putchar() low level function as console/serial output.

tinyprintf - printf replacement for embedded programming

  •    C++

printf-c.cc is a C++ module that replaces certain C-language libc functions with a tiny alternatives suitable for embedded programs. What -Wl,--wrap,somefunc does it replaces all calls to somefunc with calls to __wrap_somefunc, and all calls to __real_somefunc with calls to the original somefunc. It is handy when you need to replace a library function that is not declared “weak”.

applause - Human-friendly replacements.

  •    Javascript

Pattern replacer that helps creating human-friendly replacements. Try our [playground], where you can test every single option of applause.

broccoli-replace - Replace text patterns with applause.

  •    Javascript

Replace text patterns with applause. Define the source files that will be used for replacements, you can use globbing via minimatch library.

gulp-replace-task - Replace text patterns with applause.

  •    Javascript

Replace text patterns with applause. Define patterns that will be used to replace the contents of source files.

Tuex - A mostly reasonable alternative to Vuex

  •    TypeScript

A simpler Vuex alternative written in TypeScript. Tuex is a reactive centralized state management library for Vue.js. It takes heavy inspiration from the Flux pattern (especially Vuex).

bPlayer - A great replacement for audio elements

  •    Javascript

Aimed at replacing the default audio player of any modern browser, brining you a united experience of audio playing.

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