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http-console - simple, intuitive HTTP REPL — Speak HTTP like a local.

  •    Javascript

Talking to an HTTP server with curl can be fun, but most of the time it's a PITA. http-console is a simple and intuitive interface for speaking the HTTP protocol.

rtichoke - A 21 century R console

  •    Python

rtichoke is an improved console for the R program with multiline editing and rich syntax highlight and more ... Under the hood, rtichoke is built on top of the python library prompt-toolkit. One would consider rtichoke as a ipython clone for R, though its layout and keybinds are actually more similar to those of julia.

webrepl - Serve a repl for a node process via a simple web console

  •    Javascript

If you're familiar with node.js then you're familiar with the provided REPL. You can embed a REPL in your programs and make it available via tcp or unix sockets so that you can connect to a long running node.js program and play around with it on a command line. Webrepl takes the same idea but makes the repl available via an interactive web page so that you can have all the fun of using a repl right in your web browser. Requires: Node v0.8.0 or higher (for webrepl version 0.4.7+).

fancyline - Readline-esque library with fancy features

  •    Crystal

Let's build a simple system shell. We want it to do syntax highlighting, do tab-autocompletion, and show a quicktip about the current command. We're focusing on the REPL part, so we'll stick to using system() to use /bin/sh to handle pipes etc.. Don't want to paste all of these yourself? Fear not, check out samples/tutorial/.

crconsole - Remote JavaScript console for Chrome/Webkit

  •    Javascript

You can now use crconsole from the command line. There are two extra REPL commands available beyond the standard node.js commands. .tabs lists the open tabs. .switch 2 switches to evaluating in a tab. The argument is the index of the tab to switch to.

local-repl - 🐚 Project-specific configuration for the Node.js REPL

  •    Javascript

Project-specific REPLs for Node.js. local-repl allows you to automatically import modules and values into your REPL sessions with simple configuration in your project's package.json and/or .replrc.js. Add the following to package.json. Note: lodash is used as an example here; it is not required to use local-repl.

electroshell - An experimental PowerShell console hosted in Electron.

  •    TypeScript

This is an experimental PowerShell console written in TypeScript on the Electron application platform. Here are some goals for the project. Some may not be achieved but I'm motivated to try.


  •    Clojure

A Clojure REPL for prototyping, experimenting and trying things out. Omnia is a REPL with almost all the power of a fully fledged editor, without being an editor.

magic-console - Interactive programming for Atom

  •    Javascript

Magic Console is a package for Atom that evaluates code in pretty much any language and renders the output alongside the source code. If that alone weren't good enough, it also visualizes the outputs in a human-friendly way (e.g. string as Markdown, array as table, object/dictionary as tree). Wait there's more! Visualizations are entirely pluggable, so you can take advantage of the core plugins and plugins created by the community or create a custom plugin for your specific application. Use Magic Console to try out code, explore results, run experiments, etc.