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pry-byebug - Step-by-step debugging and stack navigation in Pry

  •    Ruby

Adds step-by-step debugging and stack navigation capabilities to pry using byebug.To use, invoke pry normally. No need to start your script or app differently. Execution will stop in the first statement after your binding.pry.

Byebug - Debugging in Ruby 2

  •    Ruby

Byebug is a simple to use, feature rich debugger for Ruby. It uses the TracePoint API for execution control and the Debug Inspector API for call stack navigation, so it doesn't depend on internal core sources. It's developed as a C extension, so it's fast. And it has a full test suite so it's reliable.

psysh - A REPL for PHP

  •    PHP

PsySH is a runtime developer console, interactive debugger and REPL for PHP. Learn more at psysh.org and in the manual.

rusti - REPL for the Rust programming language

  •    Rust

A REPL for the Rust programming language. Rusti is a work in progress.

gluon - A static, type inferred and embeddable language written in Rust.

  •    Rust

Gluon is a small, statically-typed, functional programming language designed for application embedding. Statically typed - Static typing makes it easier to write safe and efficient interfaces between gluon and the host application.

IPython - Interactive Computing

  •    Python

IPython provides a rich toolkit to help you make the most of using Python interactively. It provides a Jupyter kernel to work with Python code in Jupyter notebooks and other interactive frontends.

ptpython - A better Python REPL

  •    Python

Ptpython is an advanced Python REPL. It should work on all Python versions from 2.6 up to 3.5 and work cross platform (Linux, BSD, OS X and Windows).

gomacro - Interactive Go interpreter and debugger with REPL, Eval, generics and Lisp-like macros

  •    Go

gomacro is an almost complete Go interpreter, implemented in pure Go. It offers both an interactive REPL and a scripting mode, and does not require a Go toolchain at runtime (except in one very specific case: import of a 3rd party package at runtime). press TAB to autocomplete a word, and press it again to cycle on possible completions.



htty is the HTTP TTY, a console application for interacting with web servers.

rtichoke - A 21 century R console

  •    Python

rtichoke is an improved console for the R program with multiline editing and rich syntax highlight and more ... Under the hood, rtichoke is built on top of the python library prompt-toolkit. One would consider rtichoke as a ipython clone for R, though its layout and keybinds are actually more similar to those of julia.

konch - Configures your Python shell.

  •    Python

konch is a CLI and configuration utility for the Python shell, optimized for simplicity and productivity.

quack - :baby_chick: A multi-paradigm programming language with gradual and duck typing that targets PHP and JS

  •    PHP

Quack is a type-safe, multi-paradigm programming language. Quack enables you to write consistent and legible code, and run it on different platforms. You can optionally provide type annotations for your values, although it isn't really necessary because we rely on duck and gradual typing. The Quack compiler is being built to be decidable by propagation and with a strong type inference.

web-repl - Javascript/Web REPL in Ruby

  •    Ruby

A Javascript REPL that runs in Ruby. Evaluation is done by a web browser instance. I've been working on a toy project recently that requires browser content to be in fullscreen. This makes live coding using the regular Chrome JS console more or less impossible. I came up with web-repl as an alternative.

LoadFileToRepl - A Sublime plugin that provides native commands to load current source file into SublimeREPL

  •    Python

This is a companion plugin for SublimeREPL providing a command to load current source file into according REPL. It just uses a REPL command, like :load "foo.hs" for Haskell, or (load-file "foo.clj") for Clojure and etc. save_focus — if true, saves focus on the source file, else moves cursor to REPL (true by default).

memrepl - Memory inspection REPL interface

  •    Python

memrepl is a frida based script that aims to help a researcher in the task of exploitation of memory corruption related bugs. All the requirements will be installed automatically using python's setuptools.

symrepl - Symbol REPL

  •    Python

symrepl is a small utility that helps you investigate the type information inside binaries. It uses lldb in order to access the symbolic information inside a binary. The main use case of this little helper tool is to help vulnerability researchers find interesting things to use while exploiting software.

bferl - Brainfuck/Brainfork implementation in Erlang - Interpreter, REPL, Compiler and VM.

  •    Erlang

This is a pet project. But each of them is an ideal candidate to learn how to write by yourself an interpreter, REPL, compiler or virtual machine and in overall - play by doing it. It is also an interesting place to learn and verify various concepts like e.g. property based testing (with manopapad/proper) or working with an amazing tracing support in Erlang (and equally terrific ferd/recon library with facilities for analyzing/detecting common problems in the systems built on top of Erlang VM).

kubeplay - kubeplay – a new way to interact with Kubernetes API from your terminal

  •    Go

If you like this project, please checkout TODOs and open an issue if you'd like to contribute or discuss anything in particular. Each of these can be used with index operator, e.g. services[10], as well as first, last and any methonds. Any resource object can be converted to a JSON string with to_json method, or a Ruby object with to_ruby.

kubectl-repl - 💁 Improves on kubectl by persisting current namespace and adding variables.

  •    Go

Wrap kubectl with namespace and variables. Download latest release for your platform from https://github.com/Mikulas/kubectl-repl/releases. It's recommended to use rlwrap in combination with kubectl-repl, such as rlwrap kubectl-repl. This adds prompt history, search, buffering etc.

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