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XCActionBar - "Alfred for Xcode" plugin

  •    Objective-C

If you use Alfred, LaunchBar, QuickSilver or other similar products (and if you don't, you really should!), then you already know what this is all about. XCActionBar is at present only partially supported in Xcode 9. The vast majority of custom actions operate on text and therefore require access to Xcode's internal text views which have changed significantly in Xcode 9. I know of a few other plugins in a similar situation and people are hard at work trying to figure out what the new hook points are. I'm currently not in a position where I can dedicate a lot of time to research this, but I will definitely get to it at some point.

left-pad - :arrow_left: String left pad

  •    Javascript

NOTE: The third argument should be a single char. However the module doesn't throw an error if you supply more than one chars. See #28. NOTE: Characters having code points outside of BMP plan are considered a two distinct characters. See #58.

chillout - Reduce CPU usage in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Reduce JavaScript CPU usage by asynchronous iteration. Provides asynchronous iteration functions that have a Promise based interface and it can execute with low CPU usage. Each iteration adds delay if the processing is heavy to maintain the CPU stability. Iterate without delay if processing is fast. Therefore, it will realize friendly processing for your machine. It can execute JavaScript without "Warning: Unresponsive Script" alert in the browser.

rocky - Full-featured, middleware-oriented, programmatic HTTP and WebSocket proxy for node.js

  •    Javascript

A multipurpose, full-featured, middleware-oriented and hackable HTTP/S and WebSocket proxy with powerful built-in features such as versatile routing layer, traffic interceptor and replay to multiple backends, built-in balancer, traffic retry/backoff logic, hierarchical configuration, among others. Built for node.js/io.js.rocky can be fluently used programmatically or via command-line interface. It's framework agnostic, but you can optionally plug in with connect/express apps.

retry - ♻️ Functional mechanism to perform actions repetitively until successful.

  •    Go

Functional mechanism based on context to perform actions repetitively until successful.egg is an extended go get.

repeating - Repeat a string - fast

  •    Javascript

Times the string should be repeated.String to repeat.

node-promise-retry - Retries a function that returns a promise, leveraging the power of the retry module

  •    Javascript

Retries a function that returns a promise, leveraging the power of the retry module to the promises world.There's already some modules that are able to retry functions that return promises but they were rather difficult to use or do not offer an easy way to do conditional retries.

temporal - Non-blocking, temporal task sequencing. For use with robots built with Johnny-Five

  •    Javascript

Non-blocking, temporal task sequencing. temporal does NOT use setTimeout or setInterval, however there is a cost for using "recursive" setImmediate to create an extremely fast, async execution loop. CPU usage is expected to peak when using temporal, because the internal ticker needs to execute as fast as possible and as many times per second as possible. It's this speed that allows temporal to review the internal schedule for tasks to execute more than once per millisecond, which is needed to create preferential execution cycles for hardware programming.temporal is not good for sparse task scheduling.


  •    Javascript

A robust & optimized ES3-compatible polyfill for the String.prototype.repeat method in ECMAScript 6.This polyfill is available under the MIT license.

glsl-checker - repeating checker GLSL pattern

  •    GLSL

GLSL utility for checkered patterns.Creates a checkered n x n pattern with the given UV coordinates, returning a float 0.0 or 1.0.

filled-array - Returns an array filled with the specified input

  •    Javascript

Value to fill the array with.You can pass a function to generate the array items dynamically. The function is expected to return the value for each iteration and will be called with the following arguments: index, the count you passed in, and the filled array thus far.

wait - Simple utility functions to simplify setTimeout and setInterval

  •    Javascript

This is pure syntactic sugar, so if you're obsessed with performance über alles, move along. The wait function is simple setTimeout with the arguments reversed, thus saving die-hard CoffeeScripters from the hell that is parentheses.

wait - Syntactic sugar for setTimeout and setInterval.

  •    Javascript

Syntactic sugar for setTimeout and setInterval. Sugar for setTimeout.

cycled - Cycle through the items of an array

  •    Javascript

This package can be useful for cycling through tabs, images of a slideshows, etc. Initiates an array subclass with the methods documented below. Since it's an array, you can use all the normal array methods on it.

tryer - Conditional and repeated function invocation for node and browser.

  •    Javascript

Because everyone loves a tryer! Conditional and repeated function invocation for node and browser. Sometimes, you want to defer calling a function until a certain pre-requisite condition is met. Other times, you want to call a function repeatedly until some post-requisite condition is satisfied. Occasionally, you might even want to do both for the same function.

justified - Wrap, align and justify the words in a string.

  •    Javascript

Wraps words to a specified length and justifies the text in each line. Please consider following this project's author, Jon Schlinkert, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.

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