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react-values - A set of tiny React components for handling state with render props.

  •    Javascript

A set of tiny, composable React components for handling state with render props. It does this using a small render-prop-based API that exposes helpful transforms like toggle, increment, filter, etc. depending on the type of value, all based on JavaScripts native value types...

react-powerplug - :electric_plug: Renderless Containers

  •    Javascript

React PowerPlug is a set of pluggable renderless components and helpers that provides different types of state and logic utilities that you can use with your dumb components. It creates state and passes down the logic to the children, so you can handle your data. Read about the Render Props pattern.

react-treefold - A renderless tree component for your hierarchical React views

  •    Javascript

A renderless tree React component for your hierarchical views. You need to show hierarchical data in different ways. You know how you want to show the information for each individual data item. But you don't want to repeat over and over again the logic about how to traverse the data, how to assemble it all to make it look like a tree, how to expand/collapse nodes, etc.

banshee - A mostly renderless Vue UI component and utility framework.

  •    Vue

A mostly renderless Vue UI component and utility library. Banshee is a component library for Vue which seeks to only provide the JavaScript functionality and leaves the HTML markup and styling to you. It ships with no CSS and minimal to no HTML in all components.

vue-facebook-login-component - A renderless component for composing Facebook login

  •    Javascript

To use the component in your template, simply import and register with your component. [ * ] - Properties should be camel-case. [ ** ] - See Facebook for available values. [ *** ] - Scope-component property.

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