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remotestorage.js - ⬡ JavaScript client library for integrating remoteStorage in apps

  •    Javascript

remoteStorage.js is a JavaScript library for storing user data locally in the browser, as well as connecting to remoteStorage servers and syncing data across devices and applications. It is also capable of connecting and syncing data with a person's Dropbox or Google Drive account (optional). The library is well-tested and actively maintained. It is safe to use in production.

restore - Simple remoteStorage server written in Node.js

  •    Javascript

Although it may have been published to the npm repo, this project is still considered experimental. It has not been widely deployed, and I am in the process of rolling it out for personal use and within my company. As with any alpha-stage storage technology, you MUST expect that it will eat your data and take precautions against this. You SHOULD expect that its APIs and storage schemas will change before it is labelled stable. I MAY respond to bug reports but you MUST NOT expect that I will.

php-remote-storage - remoteStorage server written in PHP

  •    PHP

This is a remoteStorage server implementation written in PHP. It aims at implementing draft-dejong-remotestorage-03.txt and later.Development of this server was in part sponsored by 5apps.

armadietto - RS server based on node.js

  •    Javascript

Please do not consider armadietto production ready, this project is still considered experimental. As with any alpha-stage storage technology, you MUST expect that it will eat your data and take precautions against this. You SHOULD expect that its APIs and storage schemas will change before it is labelled stable. Armadietto is a RemoteStorage server written for Node.js.

remotestorage-widget - ⬡ Connect widget for remoteStorage.js

  •    HTML

A ready-to-use connect/sync widget, as add-on library for remoteStorage.js. attach(elementID) - Attach the widget to the DOM and display it. You can use an optional element ID that the widget should be attached to. Otherwise it will be attached to the body.

remote-storage-android-things - Create an FTP server using on raspberry pi and build your own wireless storage & backup solution for home

  •    Java

Connect your old usb hard drive with USB port or the thumb drive in Raspberry pi and access it anywhere in you home wireless. This application will turn you raspberry pi a FTP server. Once you mount your usb drive with the Android system, This will make it available it in your local network. Everytime raspberry pi restarts you need to mount USB drive and run the application.

remotestorage-oauth - Node.js library for getting authorization from remoteStorage servers

  •    Javascript

Call oauth.authorize() with the authorization URL, the client ID, the required scopes, and an options object. The callback is called with an error or a token response, depending on the result of the authorization request.

unifile - Unified access to cloud storage services through a simple web API.

  •    Javascript

Nodejs library to access cloud storage services with a common API. With the rise of cloud services and the need to be independant of such or such provider, we decided to create a common tool to access a lot of online plateform.

mysteryshack - A remoteStorage-server

  •    Rust

Mysteryshack is a lightweight, yet self-contained remoteStorage-server. This project is still in active development. Do not use with sensitive data, or without backup.

grouptabs - Mobile Web App to organize payments in dynamic groups of people.

  •    Javascript

Grouptabs lets you track shared expenses in a group of friends in a fun way. It is an offline-capable installable web app, currently with a mobile (small screens) focus.

sharesome - Share files quickly from your remote storage

  •    Javascript

Sharesome lets you share files quickly from your own remote storage account. Your account needs to support the RS (remoteStorage) standard. See https://remotestorage.io for more information.

webmarks - remoteStorage-enabled bookmarking app

  •    Javascript

Webmarks is a bookmarking app, which lets you choose your server or provider for storing all data. It is a user-first, open-source alternative to proprietary, hosted bookmarking services like e.g. Delicious, Pinboard, et cetera. Every contribution and all feedback are much appreciated and will be responded to timely. The rest of this README concerns only developers and potential contributors. For general support requests, please open an issue.

remotestorage-bookmarks-chrome - Experimental Chrome extension to showcase using remoteStorage

  •    Javascript

A chrome extension to synchronize all your bookmarks with remotestorage - at some point in the future. Currently it can just push your bookmarks into remotestorage, not pull them in from there, but that’s to come.

tiddlywiki-remotestorage - a syncadaptor plugin that saves tiddlers on custom remoteStorage directories

  •    Javascript

Works anywhere, just grab the plugin on $:/plugins/fiatjaf/remoteStorage, save, reload, optionally change your preferences on $:/plugins/fiatjaf/remoteStorage/config and you'll be good to go. Your tiddlers will be saved on /public/tiddlers/<chosen-namespace>/.

hledger-web - hledger on the web with remoteStorage.

  •    Haskell

A Haskell app that uses Miso and hledger's Haskell libraries plus ghcjs to be compiled to a web page, and then adds optional remoteStorage so you can store your ledger data somewhere else. This is actually just a static webpage hosted for free on a big provider and is unlikely to get closed anytime soon.

lesspass-remotestorage - LessPass WebExtension that saves profiles to remoteStorage.

  •    Javascript

All .js files in the root folder are sources and will be bundled/browserified on the build process. After the build, browserified files for background.js, content-script.js and options.js will be on dist/. Their paths at wherever they're needed in the extension context are already pointing to that directory.

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