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remote-redux-devtools - Redux DevTools remotely.

  •    Javascript

Use Redux DevTools remotely for React Native, hybrid, desktop and server side Redux apps. Note: for Windows use remote-redux-devtools@0.5.0 (newer versions will not work due to a Windows issue fixed in react-native).

mobx-remotedev - MobX DevTools extension

  •    Javascript

See counter, simple-todo and todomvc examples. Also see the extension API and my presentation at React Europe.

remotedev-server - Connect Redux DevTools extension to a remote app.

  •    Javascript

Bridge for communicating with an application remotely via Redux DevTools extension, Remote Redux DevTools or RemoteDev. Running your server is optional, you can use remotedev.io instead. Also there's a docker image you can use.

debugger - Time-traveling debugger and import export for Elmish apps

  •    F#

For more information see the docs. Follow the monitor installation instructions at Remote DevTools site.

redux-dispatch-cli - A CLI tool for Redux remote dispatch. Used in remote-redux-devtools

  •    Javascript

Use redux-dispatch or rrd command. Run redux-dispatch --help or redux-dispatch <command> --help for more information.

remotedev-extension - Use Redux DevTools in the Browser/Electron DevTools

  •    Javascript

The demo is used electron-react-boilerplate. Redux DevTools Extension is awesome, but it cannot running on Electron. This project as a major support for the DevTools Extension of Electron, it means that it doesn't use background script.

remotedev-rn-debugger - Injecting remotedev-app monitor into official Remote debugger of React Native

  •    Javascript

NOTE We will stop publish the old name remote-redux-devtools-on-debugger on next major version v0.9. It will be run after npm install. (You can run npm run postinstall first) The ./node_modules/react-native/local-cli/server/util/debugger.html will be replaced.