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remote-jobs-brazil - Lista de empresas com trabalho remoto no Brasil


A list of semi to fully remote-friendly companies in or around tech. Please send a pull request if you have any additions or changes. Pull requests will be accepted if the company is at least partially remote, they are added in alphabetical order in the list, and are added with a website.

Code Server - VS Code in the browser

  •    Typescript

Run VS Code on any machine anywhere and access it in the browser. It helps to code on any device with a consistent development environment. Use cloud servers to speed up tests, compilations, downloads, and more

awesome-RemoteWork - Resources for remote workers: approaches, hiring page, remote life and more.


A curated list of awesome resources for remote workers: hiring site, remote life, book, tool and what funny telecommunication job is. Inspired by 'awesome-' repos. All PRs are welcomed to contribute to this awesome stuff. All resources are collected from many sources on Internet and ordered randomly.

trabalhando-remoto - Informações para quem trabalha ou quer trabalhar remoto


Compilação de informações destinada a quem trabalha ou quer trabalhar remotamente. Não leve em consideração somente as cotações para escolher o banco ideal para você. Veja mais detalhes dos bancos, suas taxas e particularidades aqui.

IWantToWorkAtNuveo - Você é desenvolvedor? Quer trabalhar com Inteligência artificial? Esse repositório é pra você!


Nuveo nasceu focada em soluções de automatização usando Inteligência artificial.Estamos sempre em busca de talentos! Mesmo que não haja vaga disponível abaixo, mande email com o assunto "Nenhuma vaga disponível".

uzaktancalismak-com - Uzaktan calismak ile ilgili Turkce icerik sitesi

  •    CSS

gibi özellikler eklemeyi düşünüyorum. Özellikle GitLab'de çalışmaya başladıktan sonra hemen hemen her gün uzaktan çalışmakla ilgili mailler alıyordum. Gelen sorular genelde uzaktan çalışmak nasıl oluyor, zorlukları neler, avantajları neler gibiydi ve bu yüzden bu sorulara cevap olabilecek bir ortamı oluşturup, daha çok insana ulaşması için uzaktancalismak.com adı altında yayınladım.

RemoteWork - Useful information for remote workers


The purpose of this repository is to collect a set of information useful for remote workers, not matter what kind of work you do, developer, designer, writer, consultant. We can always find useful knowledge to share. The following list includes companies which operate completly or mostly with distributed teams, with employees accross the world collaborating together.

remotex-iOS - 远程工作空间 RemoteX 的 iOS App

  •    Swift

All code contributed to RemoteX-iOS is released under an Apache 2.0 license.

i-librarian-free - I, Librarian - open-source version of a PDF managing SaaS.

  •    PHP

You can download and execute installers for Windows 8, and 10 plus a DEB package and a console installer for Ubuntu, Debian, and its derivatives. An installer for Mac OS X is not available. These installers will install and/or configure Apache and PHP for you. If you don't want that, follow the instructions below to install manually.

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