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Fabric - Simple, Pythonic remote execution and deployment

  •    Python

Fabric is a Python (2.5-2.7) library and command-line tool for streamlining the use of SSH for application deployment or systems administration tasks. It provides a basic suite of operations for executing local or remote shell commands (normally or via sudo) and uploading/downloading files, as well as auxiliary functionality such as prompting the running user for input, or aborting execution.

automatron - Infrastructure monitoring framework turning DevOps runbooks into automated actions

  •    Python

Automatron is a framework for creating self-healing infrastructure. Simply put, it detects system events & takes action to correct them. The goal of Automatron is to allow users to automate the execution of common tasks performed during system events. These tasks can be as simple as sending an email to as complicated as restarting services across multiple hosts.

bazel-buildfarm - [WIP] Bazel remote caching and execution service

  •    Java

This repository hosts the Bazel remote caching and execution system.This project is just getting started; background information on the status of caching and remote execution in bazel can be found in the bazel documentation.

chrome-reactive-kotlin - Headless Chrome DevTools Protocol Client (RxJava2 + Kotlin)

  •    Kotlin

chrome-reactive-kotlin is a low level Chrome DevTools Protocol client written in Kotlin and leveraging RxJava2 for easy composability.Library exposes all protocol domains in a single, cohesive and highly composable API. It supports both headless and standalone Chrome versions and understands BrowserContext from Target domain.

remoting - Jenkins Remoting module

  •    Java

Contains the bootstrap code to bridge separate JVMs into a single semi-shared space. Reusable outside Jenkins.

efs2 - Effing Shell Scripts 2 - A common sense remote command execution tool

  •    Go

Effing Shell Scripts 2 is a common sense remote command execution tool inspired by fss and written in Go. Installation with Go is as easy as running go get.

bazel-buildbarn - Alternative Bazel buildfarm implementation written in Go

  •    Go

The bbb_frontend and bbb_worker services can be replicated easily. It is also possible to start multiple bbb_scheduler processes if multiple build queues are desired (e.g., supporting multiple build operating systems). These processes depend on a central data store to cache their data. Several storage backends are supported: Redis, S3 and Bazel Remote. Multiple backends can be used in a single deployment to combine their individual strengths. For example, Redis is efficient at storing small objects, whereas S3 is better suited for large objects. Bazel Buildbarn can be configured to partition objects in the Content Addressable Storage across backends by size.

cargo-remote - cargo subcommand to compile rust projects remotely

  •    Rust

One big annoyance when working on rust projects on my notebook are the compile times. Since I'm using rust nightly for some of my projects I have to recompile rather often. Currently there seem to be no good remote-build integrations for rust, so I decided to build one my own. This first version is very simple (could have been a bash script), but I intend to enhance it to a point where it detects compatibility between local and remote versions, allows (nearly) all cargo commands and maybe even load distribution over multiple machines.

shell-agent - Agent program installed on remote host, help you to execute shell command on the remote host via HTTP

  •    Go

Shell Agent, is a program installed on remote host, help you to execute shell command on the remote host. This agent can also help to transport file to/from remote host.

T2B-framework - Cross-Platform Post Exploitation Toolkit

  •    Python

Merge the power of Python with the anonymity of Tor. In windows-client the cert is not required because when you compile and deliver it, it can't extract the cert file because (and at the moment of writing I don't know why) it will run in C:\Windows\System32 instead of C:\Path\to\file.exe.

meeseeks-box - You make a request. The Meeseek fulfills the request. And then it stops existing

  •    Go

Meeseeks is a ChatOps Construction Kit that allows anyone to build their own automations following the UNIX principle of using small tools that know how to do one thing right. Meeseeks-Box is the component that knows how to talk to Slack, listen for messages and dispatch jobs to be executed as if it was being executed by a user in a shell.