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angular5-iot-dashboard - Multipurpose dashboard admin for IoT softwares, remote control, user interface

  •    TypeScript

Angular 5 Dashboard is a management dashboard for many purposes, focused on IoT, smart home, and autonomy. This project, is a fully functional app and is hosted on esam.io as an enterprise product. We are sharing many components and our workflow here inside this repository. This project can be used for Internet of things, reporting dashboard, user management, live monitoring and other other dashboard based projects for angular.

psychoplug - ESP8266 power outlet replacement firmware with standalone HTTP scheduler and MQTT integration

  •    C++

This is a gold-plated replacement firmware for ESP8266-based WIFI controlled outlets. Use of this software and procedure are completely at your own risk. This project involves working on devices that control household current. At no time should the remote control outlet be connected to an outlet/power source while either (a) opened, which would possibly expose you to lethal voltages, or (b) connected to your computer, which could do fatal damage to your computer and attached devices. Perform any disassembly and reassembly with great care ensuring no spare parts or wires are left inside the plug after your intial upload. IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT ABOUT PERFORMING THESE OPERATIONS PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE.