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stretchly - break time reminder app

  •    Javascript

stretchly is a cross-platform electron app that reminds you to take breaks when working on your computer. By default, it runs in your tray and displays a reminder window containing an idea for a microbreak for 20 seconds every 10 minutes.

SPPermissions - Ask permissions on Swift

  •    Swift

SPPermissions is a library to improve the user flow when asking permissions. You can also check state of permissions, available are: .authorized, .denied & .notDetermined. The library has three ready-use controllers: list, dialog & native. Supports iPad, dark mode, and localizations. To get going with using the library, see Quick Start.



Wide known and really great application ToDoList supports multiple task list but doesn't allow to see all incomplete task in one window. The ToDoListReminder application shows incomplete tasks for all task list.

SharePoint 2010 Simple Reminder


Remind users of upcoming events in SharePoint Lists through emails and tasks

Windows Phone Rating Reminder


This a fairly basic little class library that will prompt your user to rate your app on the Windows Phone Marketplace. The library displays a custom 3 button message box (Yes, No, Remind me later) after when either the app is used x number of times, or x number of days since t...

cheq - A command-line checklist app

  •    Javascript

This is a command-line checklist with a simple text-based UI for adding, listing, removing, tagging, checking and renaming checklist items. This software is available as a Node module from npm, as well as pre-built binaries for windows, mac, and linux available on Github in the releases tab.

parse-reminder - a node module to parse natural language reminders into who, what, and when

  •    Javascript

a node module to parse natural language reminders into who, what, and when.

hubot-remind-her - Friendly reminder script for Hubot

  •    CoffeeScript

Hubot script to manage reminders in a relaxed friendly syntax. Note: This script will not work in conjuction with remind.coffee and hubot-remind-at, so disable them if you are enabling this.

skill-reminder - Mycroft AI official Reminder Skill - set reminders

  •    Python

Flexible reminder Skill, allowing you to set single and repeating reminders for tasks. The reminders are set on the Device, and have no external dependencies.

slack-pr-bot - Slack bot that regularly reminds team members to review pending pull requests

  •    Scala

Slack bot that reminds team members to review existing pull requests in regular time intervals. Built with gilbertw1/slack-scala-client library.

pillo - :pill: Simple medication reminder for an oblivious friend.

  •    Javascript

Simple medication reminder for an oblivious friend. Visit Pillo.ir. NOTE: The following environment variables must be set before running npm start. They can be declared inside a file named .env (see dotenv for more information).

react-native-calendar-reminders - React Native Module for IOS Calendar Reminders

  •    Objective-C

Setting up privacy usage descriptions may also be require depending on which iOS version is supported. This involves updating the Property List, Info.plist, with the corresponding key for the EKEventStore api. Info.plist reference. For updating the Info.plist key/value via Xcode, add a Privacy - Reminders Usage Description key with a usage description as the value.

reminders-cli - Command-line interface to interact with the Reminders.app

  •    Javascript

Command-line interface that uses natural language processing to parse phrases and interact with Reminders.app. You can see some examples in the date parsing test file.

mind - A productive mind has an empty stack

  •    Rust

A productive mind has an empty stack. Sometimes we have too much on our mind but neither the traditional check boxes, nor the kanban board works for us. This is because our mind executes the tasks in LIFO approach like a stack.