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ios - Reliable distributed agreement service for the cloud

  •    Go

Welcome to Ios, a reliable distributed agreement service for cloud applications. Built upon a novel decentralised consensus protocol, Ios provides vital services for your cloud application such as distributed locking, consistent data structures and leader election as well as distributed configuration and coordination.This repository is pre-alpha and under active development. APIs will be broken. This code has not been proven correct and is not ready for production deployment.

airbud - Retrieving stuff from the web is unreliable

  •    CoffeeScript

Retrieving stuff from the web is unreliable. Airbud adds retries for production, and fixture support for test. Airbud is a wrapper around request with support for for handling JSON, retries with exponential backoff & injecting fixtures. This will save you some boilerplate and allow you to easier test your applications.

nsfailover - Let's Make DNS Outage Suck Less

  •    Shell

Read a longer introduction on my blog which was featured on Hacker News. This simple program makes DNS outages suck less.

Node-Circuit-Breaker - A Node.js implementation of the Circuit Breaker pattern.

  •    Javascript

This is a Node.js implementation of the Circuit Breaker pattern as popularized in Michael T. Nygard's book - Release It!. The Circuit Breaker is intended to proxy the consumption of upstream resources such that failures in the upstream resource propagate to the current system in a predictable manner. To be clear, the Circuit Breaker doesn't prevent failures; rather, it helps your application manage failures proactively, failing fast and / or providing fallback values when applicable. The Circuit Breaker proxies the consumption of upstream resources; but, it does not have intimate knowledge of the upstream resource. As such, the scope of the Circuit Breaker can be as course or as granular as you think is appropriate. For example, you can have one Circuit Breaker that represents an entire upstream resource. Or, you can create an individual Circuit Breaker for each method in an upstream resource. The more granular your Circuit Breakers, the less likely you are to get false positives.

QA-Checks-v4 - PowerShell scripts to ensure consistent and reliable build quality and configuration for your servers

  •    PowerShell

PowerShell scripts to ensure consistent and reliable build quality and configuration for your servers. The QA checks came about as a need to verify the build of new servers for various customers and their different environments. All new server builds are usually done with a custom gold image template; however this image still lacks many of the additional tools and configuration settings needed before it can be accepted into support.

healthz - Easily add health checks to your go services

  •    Go

This is a package that allows you to set up health checks for your services. By default, the health checks will be available at the /_healthz endpoint but can be configured with the Prefix and Endpoint variables. By default, the health check package will add a single default test. This test doesn't validate anything, it simply returns no error.

openturns - Uncertainty treatment library

  •    Jupyter

OpenTURNS is a scientific C++ and Python library including an internal data model and algorithms dedicated to the treatment of uncertainties. The main goal of this library is giving to specific applications all the functionalities needed to treat uncertainties in studies. Targeted users are all engineers who want to introduce the probabilistic dimension in their so far deterministic studies. OpenTURNS is distributed under the Lesser General Public License. Please see the LICENSE and the COPYING* files for details of the license of each components.

rnl - RNL - Realtime Network Library - The opensource reliable UDP network library

  •    Pascal

RNL is an UDP-based network library for real-time applications and games, inspired by ENet, yojimbo, libgren, and so on. RNL is designed around common patterns used in real-time games, which are simulation bound, not I/O bound, and completely stateful, so async IO does not make a lot of sense. Thus the RNL core design is single-threaded, not multi-threaded. But you can use multiple TRNLHost instances inside multiple different threads (one to very few instances per one thread), so that you can host multiple network game matches at the same machine, as long as this one machine is strong and fast enough for hosting multiple network game matches at the same time.

rely - reliable UDP messages for Go

  •    Go

Tests below done on MBP 2.6GHz 6-Core i7 using Go 1.15.

xk6-chaos - xk6 extension for running chaos experiments with k6 💣

  •    Go

As this is a proof of concept, it won't be supported by the k6 team. It may also break in the future as xk6 evolves. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Any issues with the tool should be raised here. A k6 extension for testing for the unknown unknowns. Built for k6 using xk6.

reliable-request - A golang opinionated library to provide reliable request using hystrix-go, go-cache, and go-resiliency

  •    Go

A golang opinionated library to provide reliable request using hystrix-go, go-cache, and go-resiliency. Make sure you use different Hystrix commands for other endpoint APIs or separated Circuit Breaker contexts, otherwise, an endpoint may open the circuit breaker and all other requests will fail.

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