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match-query-parser - Yet another solution to Solr multiterm synonyms :)

  •    Java

Tightly control how Solr query parsing and execution by parsing the user's full query using a query analyzer. (happens to also be a fix for multiterm synonyms). Read more in this blog post.A single field to be searched.

relevant-search-book - Code and Examples for Relevant Search

  •    Jupyter

Code and Examples for Relevant Search by Doug Turnbull and John Berryman. Published by Manning Publications.Examples for this book are written in Python 2.7 and use iPython notebook. The first thing you'll need to do is install Python, pip (the Python package installer).

npmsearch - Search the npm registry by keywords, results carefully sorted using both relevance and downloads

  •    Javascript

Search the npm registry. Results are carefully tuned - sorted using both relevance and downloads. Fast - uses a local database populated directly by the npm registry (no middleman servers)

ndx - Javascript (TypeScript) full text indexing and searching library

  •    TypeScript

ndx is a lightweight javascript (TypeScript) full-text indexing and searching library. Reddit Comments Search Engine - is a simple demo application that indexes 10,000 reddit comments. Demo application requires modern browser features: WebWorkers and IndexedDB. Comments are stored in the IndexedDB, and search engine is working in a WebWorker.