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semantic-release - :package::rocket: Fully automated version management and package publishing

  •    Javascript

semantic-release automates the whole package release workflow including: determining the next version number, generating the release notes and publishing the package. This removes the immediate connection between human emotions and version numbers, strictly following the Semantic Versioning specification.



TFS ChangeLog allows Team Foundation Server (TFS) users to extract information related to Changesets and associated WorkItems into XML format that is transformed into HTML. TFSChangeLog automatically produces Change Log / Release Notes based on selected changeset range. T...

Svn Notes


Svn Notes is a small tool written in C# that consumes a piped xml output of an svn log command and outputs a change log / release notes file.

shipkit - Toolkit for shipping it used by Mockito library

  •    Java

You will be more productive if your releases are fully automated and happen on every change. You will build great product if you can focus on code & features, but not on the release overhead. Shipkit will make it happen. Shipkit is a toolkit for shipping it.Imagine the world where you call pull in a new version of some Open Source library and not worry if it breaks compatibility. Imagine that you can submit a pull request to some project, have it reviewed timely, and have the new version with your fix available to you in minutes after your PR is merged. Imagine that for any dependency you consider upgrading, you can view its neatly and consistently maintained release notes. Imagine that you can set up practical Continuous Delivery automation in your project in minutes, by using a well behaving and documented Gradle plugin. Imagine that you can focus on code and features while the release management, versioning, publishing, release notes generation is taken care for you automagically.

git-release-notes - Generate release note pages from git commit history.

  •    Javascript

Generate release note pages from git commit history. The second parameter of git-release-notes can be any path to a valid ejs template files.

github-release-from-changelog - Create GitHub releases from CHANGELOG.md

  •    Javascript

Included in npmpub(lish) !. This tool edits the git tag on GitHub and create a GitHub release with the correct CHANGELOG.md section.

Chronicler - A better way to write your release notes.

  •    Javascript

Chronicler is an open source node.js app that automates your repo's release notes. Chronicler will listen for pull request events from GitHub Webhooks. When a pull request is merged Chronicler will create a new release draft OR edit an existing one with the PR info. The result is a neatly formatted release note draft listing all PRs merged since your last tagged release. Read more in the Times Open blog post.

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