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semantic-release - :package::rocket: Fully automated version management and package publishing

  •    Javascript

semantic-release automates the whole package release workflow including: determining the next version number, generating the release notes and publishing the package. This removes the immediate connection between human emotions and version numbers, strictly following the Semantic Versioning specification.

shipjs - Take control of what is going to be your next release.

  •    Javascript

Running the following command will guide you to set it up interactively. This interactive CLI will help you install Ship.js into your package and create a tailored config file for your project.

SharePoint Common Framework


SharepointCommon is a framework for Microsoft SharePoint 2010© Server and Foundation. It allows to map list items to simple hand-writen POCO classes and perform actions by manipulate with entities.

CodePlex New Release Checker

  •    CSharp

CodePlex New Release Checker is a small library that makes it easy to add, "New Version Available!" functionality to your CodePlex project.

GitHubUpdates - Cocoa framework to install application updates from GitHub releases.

  •    Objective-C

GitHubUpdates is Cocoa framework to install application updates from GitHub releases. If you ever used Sparkle, this project provided the same kind of functionalities, but works with your GitHub releases and tags. Note that you can also create the GitHubUpdater instance with InterfaceBuilder. The user and repository properties are inspectable, so you can set them with the Interface Builder inspector palette.

scorecardpy - Scorecard Development in python, 评分卡

  •    Python

This package is python version of R package scorecard. Its goal is to make the development of traditional credit risk scorecard model easier and efficient by providing functions for some common tasks.

get - Download Electron release artifacts

  •    TypeScript

The version downloaded can be overriden by setting the ELECTRON_CUSTOM_VERSION environment variable. Setting this environment variable will override the version passed in to download or downloadArtifact. By default, the module uses got as the downloader. As a result, you can use the same options via downloadOptions.

axion-release-plugin - Gradle release & version management plugin.

  •    Groovy

Releasing versions in Gradle is very different from releasing in Maven. Maven came with maven-release-plugin which did all the dirty work. Gradle has no such tool and probably doesn't need it anyway. Evolution of software craft came to the point, when we start thinking about SCM as ultimate source of truth about project version. Version should not be hardcoded in pom.xml or build.gradle.axion-release-plugin embraces this philosophy. Instead of reading project version from buildfile, it is derived from nearest tag in SCM (or set to default if nothing was tagged). If current commit is tagged commit, project has a release version. If there were any commits after last tag, project is in SNAPSHOT version. This very simple and intuitive philosophy, alongside with Semantic Versioning rules, makes it a lot easier to manage project versions along SCM tag versions.

win-release - Get the name of a Windows version from the release number: 5.1.2600 → XP

  •    Javascript

By default, the current OS is used, but you can supply a custom release number, which is the output of os.release().Note: Most Windows Server versions cannot be detected based on the release number alone. There is runtime detection in place to work around this, but it will only be used if no argument is supplied.

cutarelease - A script to help cutting releases of your projects in a single step (following some conventions)

  •    Python

Use the "cutarelease.py" script in this repo to make to make cutting a release of your project a single step.Basically, it will help cut a release for a git-based project that follows a few conventions. It'll update your changelog (CHANGES.md), add a git tag, push those changes, optionally npm publish (for projects with a "package.json"), optionally upload to pypi (for Python projects with a setup.py), update your version to the next patch level release, and insert changelog boilerplate for the new version.

publish-latest - (UNMAINTAINED) Script to publish generated files to a `latest` branch

  •    Javascript

See the beginning edit of this blogpost for an explination of why this package is no longer necessary.A script to allow you to publish the generated built files of your project to a specific branch in your repository.

os-name - Get the name of the current operating system. Example: macOS Sierra

  •    Javascript

Useful for analytics and debugging.By default the name of the current operating system is returned.

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