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react-apollo - :recycle: React higher-order component for Apollo Client

  •    TypeScript

React Apollo allows you to fetch data from your GraphQL server and use it in building complex and reactive UIs using the React framework. React Apollo may be used in any context that React may be used. In the browser, in React Native, or in Node.js when you want to server side render.React Apollo unlike many other tools in the React ecosystem requires no complex build setup to get up and running. As long as you have a GraphQL server you can get started building out your application with React immediately. React Apollo works out of the box with both create-react-app and React Native with a single install and with no extra hassle configuring Babel or other JavaScript tools.

graphene - GraphQL framework for Python

  •    Python

Please read UPGRADE-v2.0.md to learn how to upgrade to Graphene 2.0.Graphene is a Python library for building GraphQL schemas/types fast and easily.

graphql-ruby - Ruby implementation of GraphQL

  •    Ruby

A Ruby implementation of GraphQL.Install from RubyGems by adding it to your Gemfile, then bundling.

graphql-relay-js - A library to help construct a graphql-js server supporting react-relay.

  •    Javascript

This is a library to allow the easy creation of Relay-compliant servers using the GraphQL.js reference implementation of a GraphQL server.A basic understanding of GraphQL and of the GraphQL.js implementation is needed to provide context for this library.

react-firebase-starter - Boilerplate (seed) project for creating web apps with React

  •    Javascript

React Firebase Starter (RFS) is a popular project template (aka boilerplate) for creating single-page applications with React, Firebase and GraphQL.This project was bootstraped with React Firebase Starter by Kriasoft (get support on Telegram).

WordExpress - WordPress using Node, React, GraphQL, and Apollo

  •    Javascript

UPDATE This project has been moved into several separate repositories. Second, you'll need to take a look at a starter kit. I have created a kit for Vue and for React. Fair warning, I've spent much more time developing the Vue starter kit than the React one. The starter kits provide you with everything you'll need to get up and running on the front end.

laravel-graphql - Facebook GraphQL for Laravel 5

  •    PHP

Use Facebook GraphQL with Laravel 5 or Lumen. It is based on the PHP implementation here. You can find more information about GraphQL in the GraphQL Introduction on the React blog or you can read the GraphQL specifications. This is a work in progress. This package is compatible with Eloquent model (or any other data source). See the example below.

relay-fullstack - :point_up::running: Modern Relay Starter Kit - Integrated with Relay, GraphQL, Express, ES6/ES7, JSX, Webpack, Babel, Material Design Lite, and PostCSS

  •    Javascript

Relay Fullstack is a Relay scaffolding application that aims to help you get up and running a project without worrying about integrating tools. It comes with many modern technologies; Relay, GraphQL, Express, ES6/ES7, JSX, Webpack, Babel, Material Design Lite, and PostCSS. Relay Fullstack is also using Hot-reload to real time update the screen whenever any code changes. Check out the Live demo on Heroku.

react-transmit - Relay-inspired library based on Promises instead of GraphQL.

  •    Javascript

Relay-inspired library based on Promises instead of GraphQL. Let's start one together! After you ★Star this project, follow me @Rygu on Twitter.

awesome-graphql - Awesome list of GraphQL & Relay


If you want to contribute to this list (please do), send me a pull request. To the extent possible under law, Chen-Tsu Lin has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

Absinthe - The GraphQL toolkit for Elixir

  •    Elixir

Absinthe is a GraphQL implementation for Elixir. An idiomatic, readable, and comfortable API for Elixir developers. It has complete implementation of the GraphQL Working Draft. It is easily pluggable, the entire query processing pipeline is configurable. Add, swap out, or remove the parser, individual validations, or resolution logic at will, even on a per-document basis.

graphql-config - One configuration for all your GraphQL tools (supported by most tools, editors & IDEs)

  •    TypeScript

GraphQL Config - one configuration for all your GraphQL tools (supported by most tools, editors & IDEs). The easiest way to configure your development environment with your GraphQL Schema. As a developer, you gain simplicity and a central place to setup libraries, tools and your IDE extensions.

Parse - The Complete Application Stack

  •    Javascript

Parse is the complete application stack. It helps to build applications faster with object and file storage, user authentication, push notifications, dashboard and more out of the box. Parse Server is an open source backend that can be deployed to any infrastructure that can run Node.js.

graphql-anywhere - :icecream: Run a GraphQL query anywhere, against any data, with no schema.

  •    TypeScript

Run a GraphQL query anywhere, without a GraphQL server or a schema. Just pass in one resolver. Use it together with graphql-tag.I think there are a lot of potentially exciting use cases for a completely standalone and schema-less GraphQL execution engine. We use it in Apollo Client to read data from a Redux store with GraphQL.

adrenaline - Simple Relay alternative

  •    Javascript

This library provides a subset of Relay's behaviour with a cleaner API. Relay is a great framework with exciting ideas behind it. The downside is that in order to get all the cool features, you need to deal with a complex API. Relay provides you a lot of tricky optimizations which probably are more suitable for huge projects. In small, medium and even large ones you would prefer to have better developer experience while working with a simple, minimalistic set of APIs.

react-router-relay - Relay integration for React Router

  •    Javascript

Relay integration for React Router. This library only supports Relay Classic. For Relay Modern support, see Found Relay.

lighthouse - Laravel GraphQL Server

  •    PHP

Lighthouse is a PHP package that allows you to serve a GraphQL endpoint from your Laravel application. It greatly reduces the boilerplate required to create a schema, it integrates well with any Laravel project, and it's highly customizable giving you full control over your data. We welcome contributions of any kind.

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