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javascript-time-ago - International highly customizable relative date/time formatting

  •    Javascript

Localized relative date/time formatting (both for past and future dates). Automatically chooses the right units (seconds, minutes, etc) to format a time interval.

url2 - Augments Node.js’s URL library

  •    Javascript

Node's URL module plus relative pathing

rel-to-abs - Convert relative URLs to absolute URLs given an HTML source

  •    Javascript

Convert relative URLs to absolute URLs given an HTML source

intl-relativeformat - Formats JavaScript dates to relative time strings (e.g., "3 hours ago").

  •    Javascript

Formats JavaScript dates to relative time strings (e.g., "3 hours ago").This package aims to provide a way to format different variations of relative time. You can use this package in the browser and on the server via Node.js.

read-file-relative - Read files with path relative to the current module without annoying boilerplate code

  •    Javascript

Read files with path relative to the current module without annoying boilerplate code

ember-route-alias - Ember addon to create multiple paths for the same route.

  •    Javascript

This Ember addon makes it easy to create multiple paths to the same route. By default it uses the same set of assets as the original route, but individual assets for each route can be overidden. It also includes a simple {{#rel-link-to}} helper to make template reuse easier.

is-relative-path - Why the fuck does the path module not have this?

  •    Javascript

Why the fuck does the path module not have this?

rfile - require a plain text or binary file in node.js

  •    Javascript

options.binary defaults to false and fixup removes the UTF-8 BOM if present and removes any \r characters (added to newlines on windows only). Internally, resolve is used to lookup your package, so it supports all the same options as that. In addition t defaults basedir to the directory of the function which called rfile or rfile.resolve.

path-is-inside - Tests whether one path is inside another path

  •    Javascript

It turns out this question isn't trivial to answer using Node's built-in path APIs. A naive indexOf-based solution will fail sometimes on Windows, which is case-insensitive (see e.g. isaacs/npm#4214). You might then think to be clever with path.resolve, but you have to be careful to account for situations whether the paths have different drive letters, or else you'll cause bugs like isaacs/npm#4313. And let's not even get started on trailing slashes. The path-is-inside package will give you a robust, cross-platform way of detecting whether a given path is inside another path.

grunt-relative-root - Relativize absolute paths in HTML and CSS

  •    Javascript

Relativize absolute paths in HTML and CSS. Local directory used as the base for relative paths. If root: 'public' then the URL '/images/logo.png' in the file 'public/events/solstice.html' will be rewritten as '../image/logo.png'.

postcss-logical - Use logical properties and flow-relative values in CSS

  •    CSS

PostCSS Logical Properties and Values lets you use logical, rather than physical, direction and dimension mappings in CSS, following the CSS Logical Properties and Values specification. Otherwise, consider using the dir option to transform all logical properties and values to a specific direction.

eslint-project-relative - run the right ESlint for your project with syntastic or flycheck.

  •    Javascript

That sucks. That sucks a lot. use eslint-project-relative instead. It will try to find the "right" eslint executable for the files you want to lint.

relative-date - Relative date in words

  •    Javascript

Same as above, relative to other instead of Date.now().

require-relative - a node

  •    Javascript

require-relative is a node.js program to require and resolve modules relative to a path of your choice. It exploits node.js's own module module, and has no additional dependencies.

root-require - require() using a relative path from the root directory of the present module

  •    Javascript

a more convenient require method for running TESTS ONLY. THIS MODULE PROBABLY DOES NOT WORK IN THE WAY YOU EXPECT IT TO WORK ALL THE TIME. I REPEAT: IT HAS DIFFERENT BEHAVIOR BASED ON HOW IT'S BROUGHT IN AS A DEPENDENCY THAT WILL CAUSE YOU HEADACHES. ESPECIALLY IF YOU USE IT IN TWO MODULES WHICH DEPEND ON ONE ANOTHER. (this is because of the way npm optimizes dependencies, and this module doesn't address that, since it's for testing only.).

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