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regl - 👑 Functional WebGL

  •    Javascript

Check out the gallery. The source code of all the gallery examples can be found here. To try out regl right away, you can use the live editor in the gallery.

regl-cnn - Digit recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks in WebGL

  •    Javascript

GPU accelerated handwritten digit recognition with regl. Note that this network will probably be slower than the corresponding network implemented on the CPU. This is because of the overhead associated with transferring data to and from the GPU. But in the future we will attempt implementing more complex networks in the browser, such as Neural Style, and then we think that we will see a significant speedup compared to the CPU.

wireframe-world - An infinite wireframe world in WebGL

  •    Javascript

As for the implementation, it is not very difficult stuff; I divide up the world into chunks(just like in Minecraft), and as the camera traverses the world, the chunks that become out of range are thrown away and are no longer rendered. And in the far away horizon I keep adding new chunks, to give the illusion that the world is infinite. Port the program into screensavers for OS X, Windows and Linux.

mixmap - interactive webgl mapping library emphasizing direct access to the rendering pipeline

  •    Javascript

mixmap provides basic plumbing for webgl cartography and then gets out of your way. You have direct control over loading data, mapping geometry to a cartographic projection in your vertex shader, and coloring your maps in the fragment shader.mixmap supplies a bounding box layer model. As the bounding box changes, mixmap will call your code to request bounding box manifests at the appropriate zoom level and mixmap will call your code again to handle adding and removing geometry.

implicit-mesh - create simplicial complex meshes from an implicit function

  •    Javascript

Build a 3d mesh with resolution opts.size from an implicit function fn(x,y,z).If opts is a number of array, it is interpreted as the opts.size.

deferred-regl - defer operations to a regl instance

  •    Javascript

Create a new fake regl instance dregl that queues all operations.Provide a real regl implementation and run all operations from the queue.

geo-ambient-occlusion - Generates a per-vertex ambient occlusion array for arbitrary meshes.

  •    Javascript

Generates a per-vertex ambient occlusion array for arbitrary meshes. Note: requires OES_texture_float extension.

regl-line-builder - Draw pretty lines in WebGL with the Canvas2D API.

  •    Javascript

Draw pretty lines in WebGL with the Canvas2D API.

regl-typings - 🏰 TypeScript typings for regl

  •    TypeScript

React's component types are parametrized with the types of their props (and state, for stateful components). This allows for compile-time error checks regarding props' names and types, and that's a Good Thing.

regl-model - Generate a model matrix from position, scale, and rotation vectors.

  •    Javascript

and model is now a function that accepts the same input as the initialState object.

react-regl - Custom React Fiber Reconciler Renderer for Regl WebGL

  •    Javascript

There is a React Storybook included in the /docs directory with usage examples. The source for the Storybook is in /stories directory and demonstrates how to create the examples. This library is a React wrapper for the Regl library. Visit the Regl gallery page for more ideas on usage.

regl-stereo - Basic stereo rendering for regl

  •    Javascript

A simple side-by-side stereo renderer for regl. Renders a stereo view with the given properties. block is a command that draws the scene.

citibike-trips - Visualizing citibike trips with webgl

  •    Javascript

Playing with some citibike trip data made available at https://www.citibikenyc.com/system-data. Most of the dataset was too large for the repo, so you'll have to go download the data for yourself.

planar_proj_shadows - Demo of Planar Projected Shadows in regl

  •    Javascript

Demo of Planar Projected Shadows implemented with regl. This is an implementation of Planar Projected Shadows, described in the excellent book Real-Time Shadows.

regl-anim - Some weird animations made with regl and WebGL

  •    Javascript

Using the WebGL framework regl, I made some weird animations. All of them are basically just using trigonometric functions to create patterns in a fragment shader. Check out the source code if you are interested.

regl-fire - Fire particle system made with regl

  •    Javascript

Cheap-looking fire particle system implemented with regl. The fire is rendered as a particle system of about 300 particles. It turns out that only 300 particles can result in a significant amount of overdraw, and this will cause poor performance on lower-end graphics cards.

smiley - :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^), :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^).

  •    Javascript

:^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^), :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^).

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