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randexp.js - Create random strings that match a given regular expression.

  •    Javascript

randexp will generate a random string that matches a given RegExp Javascript object. Thanks to String-Random for giving me the idea to make this in the first place and randexp for the sweet .gen() syntax.

xregexp - Extended JavaScript regular expressions

  •    Javascript

XRegExp provides augmented (and extensible) JavaScript regular expressions. You get modern syntax and flags beyond what browsers support natively. XRegExp is also a regex utility belt with tools to make your grepping and parsing easier, while freeing you from regex cross-browser inconsistencies and other annoyances. XRegExp supports all native ES6 regular expression syntax. It supports ES5+ browsers, and you can use it with Node.js or as a RequireJS module.

regexpbuilderjs - Create regular expressions using chained methods.

  •    Javascript

RegExpBuilder integrates regular expressions into the programming language, thereby making them easy to read and maintain. Regular Expressions are created by using chained methods and variables such as arrays or strings.

commonregex - 🍫 A collection of common regular expressions for Go

  •    Go

This is a collection of often used regular expressions. It provides these as simple functions for getting the matched strings corresponding to specific patterns.

Oniguruma - Regular expression library

  •    C

Oniguruma is a modern and flexible regular expressions library. It encompasses features from different regular expression implementations that traditionally exist in different languages. Character encoding can be specified per regular expression object.

emoji-regex - A regular expression to match all Emoji-only symbols as per the Unicode Standard.

  •    Javascript

emoji-regex offers a regular expression to match all emoji symbols (including textual representations of emoji) as per the Unicode Standard.This repository contains a script that generates this regular expression based on the data from Unicode Technical Report #51. Because of this, the regular expression can easily be updated whenever new emoji are added to the Unicode standard.

Onigmo - Onigmo is a regular expressions library forked from Oniguruma.

  •    C

Onigmo is a regular expressions library forked from Oniguruma. It focuses to support new expressions like \K, \R, (?(cond)yes|no) and etc. which are supported in Perl 5.10+. Since Onigmo is used as the default regexp library of Ruby 2.0 or later, many patches are backported from Ruby 2.x.

grunt-replace - Replace text patterns with applause.

  •    Javascript

Replace text patterns with applause. Define patterns that will be used to replace the contents of source files.

Convert Regex to XML and back


This is a small library + demo that transforms a .NET regular expression into an XML string and back. It helps understanding a long regex that was written by someone else, and allows easy editing. It's is developed in .NET 3.5 C#, sources included.

matcher - Simple wildcard matching

  •    Javascript

Useful when you want to accept loose string input and regexes/globs are too convoluted.Accepts an array of input's and pattern's.

isjs - Check your data against regular expressions or known keywords.

  •    Javascript

Check your data against regular expressions or known keywords (see Keyword section). Different versions for different platforms are availible. I wrote a really short blog post about the project a while ago, which can be read at rthor.is/javascript/cross-plugin-javascript-project-isjs. Note that some code examples are out of date.

regexp-examples - Generate strings that match a given regular expression

  •    Ruby

Regexp#examples generates a list of all* strings that will match the given regular expression. Regexp#random_example returns one, random string (from all possible strings!!) that matches the regex.

eslint-plugin-clean-regex - An ESLint plugin for writing better regular expressions.

  •    TypeScript

An ESLint plugin for writing better regular expressions. This project will be deprecated soon.

fastparse - A very simple and stupid parser, based on a statemachine and regular expressions.

  •    Javascript

A very simple and stupid parser, based on a statemachine and regular expressions.It's not intended for complex languages. It's intended to easily write a simple parser for a simple language.

scoped-regex - Regular expression for matching scoped npm package names

  •    Javascript

Returns a RegExp for matching scoped package names.Only match an exact string. Useful with RegExp#test() to check if a string is a scoped package name.

node-oniguruma - Oniguruma Node Module

  •    Javascript

Native Node bindings to the Oniguruma regular expressions library.Read all about Oniguruma regular expressions here.

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