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org-roam-bibtex - Connector between Org-roam, BibTeX-completion, and Org-ref

  •    Emacs

Org Roam BibTeX (ORB) is an Org Roam extension that integrates Org Roam with Helm and Ivy BibTeX and Org Ref. It allows users to manage their bibliographical notes using Org Roam and access the notes in org-roam-directory via helm-bibtex, ivy-bibtex, or by opening org-ref’s cite: links.

linkify-urls - Linkify URLs in text

  •    Javascript

Text with URLs to linkify.HTML attributes to add to the link.

mongoose-orchestrator - On the fly references to attributes synchronisation.

  •    Javascript

Keep your references to attributes synchronized. This project is continuously tested on Node 0.12 and Node 4.0. Compatible with Mongoose 3.8 and above.

bibliography-js - 📚 Javascript library for working with bibliographic references, based on BiBTeX

  •    Javascript

Javascript / Typescript library for bibliographic entities. It can parse BiBTeX and processes some LaTeX stuff, such as replacing special characters with their Unicode equivalent (for example, {\"o} is automatically converted to ö).

aksh - My personal bibliography of STEM resources and grey literature.


My personal reference bibliography of STEM resources, books, technical notes, (un)conference/ workshop jottings, scientific research papers and grey literature, and random errata that makes an interesting read. Since this is a personal dumpspace for bookmarks, expect a perpetual state of randomly ordered chaos.

biblatex-sp-unified - An opinionated BibLaTeX implementation of the Unified Stylesheet for Linguistics Journals

  •    TeX

biblatex-sp-unified is an opinionated BibLaTeX implementation of the Unified Stylesheet for Linguistics Journal. The stylesheet was developed by CELxJ, the Committee of Editors of Linguistics Journals. There is a standard BibTeX implementation, called unified.bst, which was developed by Bridget Samuels, based on work done for the house-style of the journal Semantics and Pragmatics (S&P). This project is a ground-up re-implementation in modern BibLaTeX. It is now being used by S&P in production.

gofacebook - Search for hashtags, contents in groups os fanpages at Facebook

  •    Javascript

Search for hashtags, contents in groups or fanpages at Facebook. This will make gofb and the shorter fb alias available on the command line.

gomdn - Don't use W3Schools. Use MDN to search or reference. Seriously!

  •    Javascript

This will make godmn and the shorter mdn alias available on the command line. Feel free to contribute with this project or leave a suggestion.

gostack - A pretty simple and easy way to find solutions at StackOverflow.

  •    Javascript

A pretty simple and easy way to find solutions at StackOverflow. This will make gostack and the shorter stack alias available on the command line.

rubyref - Ruby Programming Language Reference

  •    Ruby

This book is the reference for the Ruby programming language created by Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto. It describes the language structure, its core classes and standard library, and provides some additional useful information and links for Ruby development. The Reference is intended to be always up-to-date with the current Ruby version.

references - All of my bibliographic references

  •    TeX

This is the bibtex (.bib) file containing all of my bibliographic references. Figured I'd share it publicly. This README was last updated on 2018-08-11.

is-circular - determines if an object (or array) is circular

  •    Javascript

high-performance, zero-dependency circular reference check for objects (or arrays)

sphinx-hoverxref - Tooltip with content embedded when hover an internal reference

  •    Python

sphinx-hoverxref is a Sphinx extension to add tooltips on the cross references of the documentation with the content of the linked section. This extension is currently in Beta state. This means that there may be some things not well supported or unexpected behavior. If you find any issue, please report it in the issue tracker.

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