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Refactorator - Xcode Plugin that Refactors Swift & Objective-C

  •    Swift

Refactorator is an Xcode plugin for refactoring Swift & now Objective-C code. It will rename public or internal vars, functions, enums etc. For private and local entities use Xcode's existing "Edit All in Scope" functionality. Stop Press: Refactorator no longer uses SourceKit directly, rather it accesses the SQLite database Xcode compiles using SourceKit. This makes it both faster as it no longer needs to re-index the sources of your project but also means all targets of a project are included in refactoring including code written in Objectve-C.

RefactoratorApp - App version of Refactorator plugin

  •    Swift

One of the features of app is it can convert a project into a standalone website of navigable code for example this project. To build, clone this and the code for the Refactorator plugin next to each other the build this project. Help is available here where you can download a pre-built binary.