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react-redux-firebase - Redux bindings for Firebase

  •    Javascript

Redux bindings for Firebase. Includes Higher Order Component (HOC) for use with React. The Material Example is deployed to demo.react-redux-firebase.com.

frontend-bootcamp - Frontend Workshop from HTML/CSS/JS to TypeScript/React/Redux

  •    TypeScript

In this two-day workshop you'll learn the basics of frontend development while building a working web app. The first day provides an introduction to the fundamentals of the web: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This is targeted at new and experienced developers alike. On the second day we'll dive into more advanced topics like TypeScript, state management, and testing. While the examples should be accessible to anyone, you'll get the most out of it if you have some prior experience with programming and web technologies.

noder-react-native - The mobile app of cnodejs.org written in React Native

  •    Javascript

A new cnodejs.org mobile & web app powered by react-native and react-web and CodeceptJS . Click the run button in Xcode, if something went wrong, you need to rebuild all packages that be used in this project with Xcode (Just select the package and press command+B to run compile).

duckduckgo - DuckDuckGo App built in React-Native (Unofficial)

  •    Javascript

Note: This is not the official DuckDuckGo App but a Fan-made. I made it only for Learning purpose. Please do the following to run.

redux-thunk-actions - Action creator for redux-thunk that handles sync and async functions.

  •    Javascript

Easily create action creators for redux with redux-thunk. You can pass both sync and async functions and the actions will be dispatched accordingly.

redux-free-flow - Free Monad Action Creators for Redux

  •    Javascript

You'd write these store interactions just like how you would write promise chains - and the final interaction when dispatched will do almost exactly what you think it does. Kinda. redux-thunks gives you the freedom to consult getState and do multiple and possibly async dispatch calls. But thunks are effectful and not composable. You cannot easily take the return value of a thunk and use it as inputs of other thunks easily, nor can you rollback thunk actions without big changes to reducer. This library gives you all the raw power of redux-thunk but non of the effectful nastiness...

redux_thunk - Redux Middleware for handling functions as actions

  •    Dart

Redux provides a simple way to update a your application's State in response to synchronous Actions. However, it lacks tools to handle asynchronous code. This is where Thunks come in. The thunkMiddleware intercepts and calls ThunkActions, which is simply a fancy name for any function that takes 1 argument: a Redux Store. This allows you to dispatch functions (aka ThunkActions) to your Store that can perform asynchronous work, then dispatch actions using the Store after the work is complete.

redux-entity - A predictable approach to maintaining domain entities in Redux

  •    Javascript

At its core, redux-entity is just a reducer that utilizes a specialized thunk, which is designed to handle asynchronous actions in the form of a Promise. Most web applications need to handle a variety of domain entities, be it Orders, Customers, Products, Users, etc. This library was designed to manage these objects within Redux in a predictable and scalable way.

props - PropsApp: say thank you in a geeky way!

  •    Ruby

This app is called PROPS. The idea behind it is to express saying 'thank you!' in a geeky way. We use RSpec 3 for testing backend and Mocha + Karma to test React components. We are using Chrome launcher.

react-redux-game-starter - Starter kit for a game based on React&Redux

  •    Javascript

You are gonna to build a new super-rock-star game. How can you start? Right, use the starter kit. There are many boring things you have to boilerplate instead of building real game features and fun. Games have a lot of in common, starting from player flow to gameplay and logic. This starter kit allows you to have a good start point with half of work done already.

crossbones - Fullstackian award, 1707-FSA-NY

  •    Javascript

all just rattling around in here ready to go. I am built on top of Create React Native App; please scroll down for instructions on how to install or eject. We recommend that you clone, not fork, this repo – unless your intention is to develop CrossBones proper instead of using CrossBones as the starting point for your own application.

tetris-redux - :trophy: A React / Redux implementation of the Tetris game.

  •    Javascript

This is an implementation of the famous Tetris game in browser side. Also, it's a good choice to get your hands dirty with React and Redux and their related ecosystem. Press the "Start" button and enjoy yourself.

reactnd-project-readable - The Discussion Forum React-Redux App : A Project for @udacity's React Nanodegree

  •    Javascript

"Talk About React - Student Discussion Board" is a reddit style discussion forum web app, for Udacity’s React Nanodegree second project assignment, "Readable". Users will be able to post content to predefined categories, comment on their posts and other users' posts, and vote on posts and comments. Also, users will also be able to edit and delete posts and comments. This app was built with react, redux, react-redux-router, redux-thunk, material-ui.