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yoke - Postgres high-availability cluster with auto-failover and automated cluster recovery.

  •    Go

Yoke is a Postgres redundancy/auto-failover solution that provides a high-availability PostgreSQL cluster that's simple to manage. Note: The ini file can be named anything and reside anywhere. All Yoke needs is the /path/to/config.ini on startup.

multi-fs - A client for doing FS operations in multiple places in sync.

  •    Javascript

A client for doing FS operations in multiple places in sync.

grunt-csscss - Grunt task for running CSSCSS.

  •    Javascript

Grunt task that runs CSSCSS, a CSS redundancy analyzer. CSSCSS runs on Ruby (v1.9.x and up), to check Ruby is installed on your machine use ruby -v. To install the CSSCSS gem run gem install csscss command, this will grab the latest version.

amino - Clustering framework for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Amino is a toolkit for building clusterable, fault-taulerant apps in Node.js. Publishes an event across the cluster, with an optional payload.

unused-files-webpack-plugin - Glob all files that are not compiled by webpack under webpack's context

  •    Javascript

The (array of) pattern(s) to glob all files within the context. Emit error instead of warning in webpack compilation result.

promxy - An aggregating HTTP proxy to enable HA prometheus

  •    Go

Promxy is a prometheus proxy that makes many shards of prometheus appear as a single API endpoint to the user. This significantly simplifies operations and use of prometheus at scale (when you have more than one prometheus host). Promxy delivers this unified access endpoint without requiring any sidecars, custom-builds, or other changes to your prometheus infrastructure. Short version: Prometheus itself provides no real HA/clustering support. As such the best-practice is to run multiple (e.g N) hosts with the same config. Similarly prometheus has no real built-in query federation, which means that you end up with N sources in grafana that is (1) confusing grafana users and (2) no support for aggregation across the sources. Promxy enables an HA prometheus setup by "merging" the data from the duplicate hosts (so if there is a gap in one, promxy will fill with the other). In addition Promxy provides a single datasource for all promql queries -- meaning your grafana can have a single source and you can have globally aggregated promql queries.

duck - Development task runner for OS layer

  •    Go

As duck is being rewritten, this documentation might contain incorrect informations. I will get it up to date asap. Duck is a developer tool which brings abstraction to the terminal.

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