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docker-redmine - Docker Image for Redmine

  •    Shell

Dockerfile to build a Redmine container image. P.S.: If your installation depends on various third party plugins, please stick with 2.6.xx series to avoid breakage.

redmine_knowledgebase - A knowledgebase plugin for Redmine

  •    Ruby

This plugin adds professional knowledgebase functionality to the Redmine project management application. The latest version of this plugin is for Redmine 3.x and up. If you're still using Redmine 2.x, you should checkout the redmine-2.x branch.

Redmine Task List


Redmine Task List Visual Studio Package.

Redmine Reports


Reporting support for the popular Redmine ticketing system. Fully fledged report designer and comprehensive sample report included. For further information see documentation-tab.

redmine_dashboard - This redmine plugin adds an issue dashboard that supports drag and drop for issues and support various filters and groups

  •    Ruby

NOTE: This README is for the development version of Redmine Dashboard 3. Redmine Dashboard 3 is a full rewrite of the stable Redmine Dashboard 2. Redmine Dashboard 3 is pre-alpha. As of now you cannot even drag issues.

redmine_percent_done - Redmine plugin implementing automatic issue done ratios for selected issue statuses while keeping the field editable manually

  •    Ruby

This plugin allows to enforce a certain setting for the done_ratio issue field for just some Issue statuses, while keeping the ability to manually set the done ratio. For example, new issues can default to 0%, resolved issues get 100%, but while working on an issue, the assignee may freely change the done ratio to reflect actual progress.

redmine_postgresql_search - PostgreSQL full text search plugin for Redmine

  •    Ruby

Makes Redmine search use PostgreSQL full text search instead of LIKE queries. Before running the plugin migrations, set the language environment variable to the language your Redmine content (mostly) is in. The setup_tsearch migration uses this to create a matching text search configuration in your Redmine database. This directly influences search results quality so don't just skip this (unless your language would be english, this is the default used by the migration).

plantuml - PlantUML Plugin for Redmine

  •    Ruby

This plugin will allow adding PlantUML diagrams into Redmine. Since all files are written out to the system, there is no safe way to prevent editors from using the !include command inside the code block. Therefore every input will be sanitited before writing out the .pu files for further interpretation. You can overcome this by activating the Setting.plugin_plantuml['allow_includes'] Attention: this is dangerous, since all files will become accessible on the host system.

hubot-redmine - Redmine API scripts for Hubot

  •    CoffeeScript

Basic redmine API for hubot or whatever

redmine_helpdesk - Lightweight helpdesk plugin for redmine.

  •    Ruby

Lightweight helpdesk plugin for redmine. Adds the email sender-address of an anonymous supportclient to the custom field 'owner-email' of a ticket which was created by a support email. Answers can be send to the supportclient by checking the support checkbox on a journal. Only public projects could be used for the helpdesk functionality. If you want to use it with private projects issue #75 might be helpful to you.

redmine_issue_field_visibility - Hide core issue fields per role

  •    Ruby

This plugin allows to hide certain core fields from specific roles. The fields you can hide are assigned to, category, start date, due date, target version and estimated time.

atom-redmine - View and open your Redmine issues in Atom.

  •    Javascript

View and open your Redmine issues in Atom. You have to supply the Redmine Host and your Redmine API Key in the package's settings.

redmine-view-customize - View customize plugin for Redmine

  •    Ruby

This a plugin allows you to customize the view for the Redmine. By adding JavaScript or CSS to the matched path, a screen is made customizable.

redmine-view-customize-scripts - Script list for "Redmine View Customize Plugin"

  •    Javascript

Script list for "Redmine View Customize Plugin"

redmine-mylyn-plugin - Eclipse Mylyn integration for Redmine ( Eclipse Connector Plugin )

  •    Java

Redmine-Mylyn integration for Eclipse allows you to manage your Redmine issues straight from Eclipse. The Mylyn project in particular has always called the component that adds support for another server a "connector", and Redmine usually calls additional components "plugin" - alas, the original software project got this the wrong way around and called the server-side component a connector and the client side component a plugin. Confusion persists unto this day.

redmine_issue_to_trello - Redmine plugin for posting new Trello cards on Redmine issue creations

  •    Ruby

A simple redmine plugin for posting trello cards on every redmine issue creation. All new issues created on redmine are automatically uploaded to a preconfigured Trello board/list.

Redmine-Periodic-Task - A redmine plugin that lets you schedule an issue to fire every x days/weeks/months

  •    Ruby

After you installed the plugin you can add it as a module to a project that already exists or activate it as default module for new projects. On each project it will add a new tab named "Periodic Task" - just go there to add your tasks. This fork (jperelli) supports now redmine v2 and v3.

redmine_evm - Earned Value Management plugin for Redmine

  •    Ruby

This plugin uses EVM (Earned Value Management) a project monitoring methodology that measures the current progress of the project. By setting a project baseline it generates three key metrics, the planned value, actual cost and earned value and with these the plugin renders a line chart and performance indicators. First make sure that the project planning is complete, then set up a baseline under the "Baselines" tab in the project settings.

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