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cloudtunes - Web-based music player for the cloud :cloud: :notes:

  •    CoffeeScript

CloudTunes provides a unified interface for music stored in the cloud (YouTube, Dropbox, etc.) and integrates with Last.fm, Facebook, and Musicbrainz for metadata, discovery, and social experience. It is similar to services like Spotify, except instead of local tracks and the fixed Spotify catalog, CloudTunes uses your files stored in Dropbox and music videos on YouTube.CloudTunes is a side project of @jakubroztocil who is a bit of a music nerd and who likes to build stuff. In 2012 he decided to create an iTunes-like webapp to make music stored all over the cloud easily discoverable and accessible: hence CloudTunes.

NoSQLMap - Automated NoSQL database enumeration and web application exploitation tool.

  •    Python

NoSQLMap is an open source Python tool designed to audit for as well as automate injection attacks and exploit default configuration weaknesses in NoSQL databases and web applications using NoSQL in order to disclose or clone data from the database. Originally authored by @tcsstool and now maintained by @codingo_ NoSQLMap is named as a tribute to Bernardo Damele and Miroslav's Stampar's popular SQL injection tool sqlmap. Its concepts are based on and extensions of Ming Chow's excellent presentation at Defcon 21, "Abusing NoSQL Databases".

netkiller.github.io - Netkiller Free ebook - 免费电子书

  •    HTML


stream-reactor - Streaming reference architecture for ETL with Kafka and Kafka-Connect

  •    Scala

Lenses offers SQL (for data browsing and Kafka Streams), Kafka Connect connector management, cluster monitoring and more. A collection of components to build a real time ingestion pipeline.



This project contains various experiments, publish for educational purposes. These projects may later on be branched to their own repositories.

node-eventstore - EventStore Implementation in node.js

  •    Javascript

Node-eventstore is a node.js module for multiple databases. It can be very useful as eventstore if you work with (d)ddd, cqrs, eventsourcing, commands and events, etc.

enferno - A Flask-based Framework for the Next Decade.

  •    Python

A framework for the next decade, this is a collection of cutting-edge libraries and tools based on Flask framework. If you are prefer to use a SQL compatible backend, please check out the "sql" branch.

mongoose-redis-cache - Cache your Mongoose MongoDB query results with Redis

  •    CoffeeScript

Sorry guys that I haven't been around to maintain this project! This project has not been actively maintained and I'm terribly sorry for that. Check out the test example for more information.

taracotjs - TaracotJS - CMS based on Node.js/MongoDB/Redis

  •    Javascript

TaracotJS CMS: the simple content management system based on Node.js

multines - Multi-process nes backend, turn nes into a fully scalable solution

  •    Javascript

Multi-process nes backend, turn nes into a fully scalable solution. multines connect multiple instances of Hapi and nes through an external pub/sub broker, currently only redis and mongodb are supported.

node-viewmodel - Node-viewmodel is a node

  •    Javascript

Node-viewmodel is a node.js module for multiple databases. It can be very useful if you work with (d)ddd, cqrs, eventdenormalizer, host, etc. Make shure you have installed the required driver, in this example run: 'npm install mongodb'.

sessionstore - Sessionstore is a node

  •    Javascript

Sessionstore is a node.js module for multiple databases. It can be very useful if you work with express or connect. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

zen-server - a lean and mean http router for node.js

  •    CoffeeScript

Is the main module of ZEN, that there you will find all necessary tools to create web servers with NodeJS. The main difference from others solutions is the not dependency of third modules, very common in NodeJS projects but that ultimately can create problems. Our engagement is use the fewer dependencies and offer our experiences with NodeJS easily and intuitive.

cachego - Golang Cache component - Multiple drivers

  •    Go

Cachego requires Go 1.8 or later. Read the full documentation at https://godoc.org/github.com/fabiorphp/cachego.