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docker-compose-nodejs-examples - Finally some real world examples on getting started with Docker Compose and Nodejs

  •    Javascript

Docker Compose is an awesome tool for creating isolated development environments with Docker by using simple configurations with YAML. It's clean and easy enough to wrap your head around, even if you are new to Docker. Even though, the official website is lacking some practial, real world examples for getting started with Docker Compose and Nodejs. I hope the following real world examples will save you from some headache (like I had) while trying to figure out how to (pragmatically) use Docker Compose for your Nodejs apps.

awesome-cheatsheets - 📚 Awesome cheatsheets for popular programming languages, frameworks and development tools

  •    Javascript

📚 Awesome cheatsheets for popular programming languages, frameworks and development tools. They include everything you should know in one single file. I usually make a cheatsheet when I want to improve my skills on a programming language, a framework or a development tool. I started doing these kind of things a long time ago on Gist. To better keep track of the history and to let people contribute, I reorganized all of them into this single repository. Most of the content is coming from official documentations and some books I have read.

pipeline - PipelineAI: Real-Time Enterprise AI Platform

  •    HTML

Each model is built into a separate Docker image with the appropriate Python, C++, and Java/Scala Runtime Libraries for training or prediction. Use the same Docker Image from Local Laptop to Production to avoid dependency surprises.

devilbox - A modern Docker LAMP stack and MEAN stack for local development

  •    PHP

The Devilbox is a modern and highly customisable dockerized PHP stack supporting full LAMP and MEAN and running on all major platforms. The main goal is to easily switch and combine any version required for local development. It supports an unlimited number of projects for which vhosts, SSL certificates and DNS records are created automatically. Email catch-all and popular development tools will be at your service as well. Configuration is not necessary, as everything is already pre-setup. Furthermore, the Devilbox provides an identical and reproducable development environment for different host operating systems.

docker-alpine - Docker containers running Alpine Linux and s6 for process management

  •    Shell

Highly configurable Docker images running Alpine linux and s6 process management. Using Docker makes your infrastructure and environment consistent, testable, scalable and repeatable.

nodock - Docker Compose for Node projects with Node, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, NGINX, Apache2, Memcached, Certbot and RabbitMQ images

  •    Shell

The docker Node.js image is very simple, you give it an entrypoint and it runs it. This is fine for very simple/small scripts but for larger projects you'll probably want something a bit more robust. The goal of NoDock is to provide a complete environment for your node project: Node.js service(s), databases, web servers, queues, etc. while doing the "wiring" for you.

docker-redis-cluster - Dockerfile for Redis Cluster (redis 3.0+)

  •    Makefile

Docker image with redis built and installed from source. The main usage for this container is to test redis cluster code. For example in https://github.com/Grokzen/redis-py-cluster repo.

flask-redis-queue - Example of how to handle background processes with Flask, Redis Queue, and Docker

  •    Python

Open your browser to http://localhost:5001 to view the app or to http://localhost:9181 to view the RQ dashboard. Check out the post.

docker-project-template - Template for a docker based development setup.

  •    Shell

Template for a docker based development setup. To execute a custom shell script on start up place one or more *.sh files into the /docker-entrypoints folder. This feature is available for the php-fpm and nginx image. The files are loaded alphabetically.

vagrant-elastic-stack - Giving the Elastic Stack a try in Vagrant

  •    Shell

This repository will install the Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats) and optionally X-Pack. You can either start from scratch and configure everything with Vagrant and Ansible or you can download the final OVA image. Do a simple vagrant up by using Vagrant's Ansible provisioner. All you need is a working Vagrant installation (1.8.6+ but the latest version is always recommended), a provider (tested with the latest VirtualBox version), and 2.5GB of RAM.

docker-redis-cluster - A Redis cluster Docker image.

  •    Shell

A Redis cluster Docker image. This image is for testing environment. DO NOT use it for production. Start a cluster. It will start 6 Redis servers listening on 7000~7005 port and a supervisor to make sure all servers started. After all servers are started, redis-trib will create a Redis cluster.

rancher-redis - A containerized redis master/slave configuration with sentinels for use in Rancher

  •    Shell

A containerized redis master/slave configuration with sentinels for use in Rancher for use in a development environment.


  •    Javascript

An ongoing attempt at tying together various ML techniques for trending topic and sentiment analysis, coupled with some experimental Python async coding, a distributed architecture, EventSource and lots of Docker goodness. I needed a readily available corpus for doing text analytics and sentiment analysis, so I decided to make one from my RSS feeds.

redis-sentinel-docker - Dockerfile for Redis Sentinel

  •    Shell

Dockerfiles for Redis Sentinel based on alpine images, suitable for the production environment. Image is available directly from public docker registry. This images are updated via pull requests to the s7anley/redis-sentinel-docker GitHub repo. Redis Sentinel provides high availability for Redis. In practical terms this means that using Sentinel you can create a Redis deployment that resists without human intervention to certain kind of failures. Additionally also provides other collateral tasks such as monitoring, notifications and acts as a configuration provider for clients.

getaredis - A one click, docker based, auto scaling, Redis host implemented in Go and hosted on Digitalocean

  •    Go

A one click, docker based, auto scaling, Redis host implemented in Go and hosted on Digitalocean. I started the project to enhance my Go skills which I started to learn few weeks ago. Then I found that the idea may be useful for hackathons and proof of concept projects.

docker-lamp - Debian 9, Apache 2

  •    VCL

This docker setup works with Debian 9, Varnish 5.2/5.1/5.0/4.0, Apache 2.4, PHP 7.2/7.1/7.0/5.6, MySQL 8.0/5.7/5.6/5.5/ and Redis 4.0/3.2/3.0. This setup have Mailhog and phpMyAdmin as helper tools. This is keopx Docker Drupal optimized images for apache-php with varnish and MySQL.

bitnami-docker-redis - Bitnami Redis Docker Image

  •    Shell

Redis is an advanced key-value cache and store. It is often referred to as a data structure server since keys can contain strings, hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets, bitmaps and hyperloglogs. Non-root container images add an extra layer of security and are generally recommended for production environments. However, because they run as a non-root user, privileged tasks are typically off-limits. Learn more about non-root containers in our docs.