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huststore - High-performance Distributed Storage

  •    C

huststore is a open source high performance distributed database system. It not only provides key-value storage service with extremely high performance, up to 100 thousand QPS, but also supports data structures like hash, set, sorted set, etc. Also, it can store binary data as value from a key-value pair, and thus can be used as an alternative of Redis.In addtion, huststore implements a distributed message queue by integrating a special HA module, features including message Push Stream, and message Publish-SubScribe, these features can be used as replacements of the corresponding features in rabbitmq and gearman.



This project contains various experiments, publish for educational purposes. These projects may later on be branched to their own repositories.

django-bruteforce-protection - Bruteforce protection for Django projects based on Redis

  •    Python

DjBrut -- simple brutforce protection for Django project. DjBrut use Redis as storage for all counters.