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kredis - Redis cluster deployment in Kubernetes with dynamic scaling.

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A Redis cluster Kubernetes operator. Do not use until this warning goes away. You have been warned.

kubernetes-redis-cluster - Redis Cluster on Kubernetes

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This k8s module is intended to simplify the creation and operation of a Redis Cluster deployment in Kubernetes. These directions assume some familiarity with Redis Cluster.

codis-operator - Codis Operator creates and manages codis clusters(proxy based Redis cluster solution) running in kubernetes

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Codis dashboard component which does migration/cluster management work is a spof, if it is deployed by traditional method and when it fails, we have to recover it manually,however,it will be self-healing based on k8s. Codis Cluster has a lots of components(proxy/dashboard/redis/fe/sentinel).it will cost a lot of time if it is deployed and managed by traditional method,especially when nodes die,cut off,we have to recover/migrate every component manually.however,we can easily deploy/destory cluster with only one command based on k8s,and when proxy/dashboard/fe fails(node die,outage,node cut,node resource exhaustion),all these failures will be self-healing that saves much time.

Redis-Operator - Redis Operator creates/configures/manages Redis clusters atop Kubernetes

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This is an ongoing project. The aim of this project is to ease the deployment and operations of a Redis-cluster in a kubernetes environment. It started internally at Amadeus in 2016, we initially designed this project to run on Openshift. This is the second version of our Redis-Operator that is based now on Kubernetes CustomResourceDefinition (CRD) for representing the RedisCluster configuration.