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needle - Nimble, streamable HTTP client for Node

  •    Javascript

The leanest and most handsome HTTP client in the Nodelands. Callbacks not floating your boat? Needle got your back.

zan-proxy - An extensible proxy for PC/Mobile/APP developer

  •    Vue

Zan Proxy is an HTTP proxy server written in Node.js, which can be used to modify requests and mock reponse data. It is also a tool for custom DNS resolving and requests monitoring. The proxy server can be easily configured by a user-friendly interface. In addition, a mechanism is provided for developers to customize the behavior of the server. The website for management will be opened automatically.

Simple Redirect Module for DotNetNuke


This module allows content editors in DotNetNuke to have a simple and easy way to properly redirect incoming URLs that are incorrectly indexed by search engines.

laravel-missing-page-redirector - Redirect missing pages in your Laravel application

  •    PHP

When transitioning from a old site to a new one your URLs may change. If your old site was popular you probably want to retain your SEO worth. One way of doing this is by providing permanent redirects from your old URLs to your new URLs. This package makes that process very easy. The package will automatically register itself.

http-traceroute - A command line tool for following and showing HTTP redirects for a given URL

  •    Javascript

A command line tool for following and showing HTTP redirects for a given URL. Similar to the traceroute unix tool.

redirect - Redirect places.

  •    Javascript

This is a simple Node app that allows us to serve shortlinks that redirect places and retain ownership of our data. We run it on Heroku and serve links at http://c4a.me/. This software is in beta: it works pretty well, serves our needs, but could use some improvement. See our repo issues if you'd like to help improve it. Note: The master branch of this repo automatically deploys to Heroku if it passes tests.

http-responses - Node.js Middleware for standardizing the way you send HTTP response statuses.

  •    Javascript

Middleware for standardizing the way you send HTTP response statuses. Prevents inconsistencies in your code by standardizing the way you handle sending HTTP response statuses and bodies.

canonical-host - Node module to redirect users to the canonical hostname for your site.

  •    Javascript

Redirect users to the canonical hostname for your site.Pass in the request, the response, 1 or more hostnames to accept, and optionally a statusCode to send with the redirect.

mute - Politely tells stdout and stderr to shut the heck up for a moment.

  •    Javascript

Politely tells one or more streams to shut the heck up for a moment by temporarily reassigning their write methods. Useful when testing noisey modules which lack verbosity options. Mutes stdout and stderr by default.Accepts one or more streams or arrays of streams, mutes them all, and returns a function to unmute them.

react-router-server-location - A React Router Location for universal apps.

  •    Javascript

A React Router Location for universal apps.Normalizes & exposes server-side request data so that React Router (and your components) can respond to all HTTP methods (e.g. GET, POST).

outpipe - write output to a file through shell commands

  •    Javascript

Suppose you have a tool like watchify or factor-bundle that write to multiple files or write to the same file more than once.If you want to pipe the output of these tools to other programs, such as minification with the uglify command, it's very difficult! You might need to use the tool's API or use a separate command to watch for changes to the output files. Ick.

nginx-generator - Generate simple Nginx 'vhosts' with a simple library/cli tool.

  •    Javascript

Easy simple way to create Nginx vhost files for fairly simple sites, such as a proxy to a Node.js server, a redirect from one domain to another, serving a static site or setting up a config to serve multiple static sites from one directory.

ZenstruckRedirectBundle - Store redirects for your site and keeps statistics on redirects and 404 errors

  •    PHP

This bundle adds entities for redirects and 404 errors. For redirects, 404 errors are intercepted and the requested path is looked up. If a match is found it redirects to the found redirect's destination. The count and last accessed date are updated as well. A redirect form type and validation is available as well.

express-urlrewrite - URL rewriting middleware for express

  •    Javascript

URL rewrite middleware for express. Rewrite using a regular expression, rewriting /i123 to /items/123.

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