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FastAdapter - The bullet proof, fast and easy to use adapter library, which minimizes developing time to a fraction

  •    Java

The RecyclerView is one of the most used widgets in the Android world, and with it you have to implement an Adapter which provides the items for the view. Most use cases require the same base logic, but require you to write everything again and again. The FastAdapter is here to simplify this process. You don't have to worry about the adapter anymore. Just write the logic for how your view/item should look like, and you are done. This library has a fast and highly optimized core which provides core functionality, most apps require. It also prevents common mistakes by taking away those steps from the devs. Beside being blazing fast, minimizing the code you need to write, it is also really easy to extend. Just provide another adapter implementation, hook into the adapter chain, custom select / deselection behaviors. Everything is possible.

AdapterDelegates - "Favor composition over inheritance" for RecyclerView Adapters

  •    Java

Read the motivation for this project in my blog post. Please note that since 3.0 the group id has been changed to adapterdelegates3.

Graywater - An Android library for decomposing RecyclerView layouts to improve scroll performance.

  •    Java

Graywater is a RecyclerView adapter that facilitates the performant decomposition of complex and varied list items. It does this by mapping large data models to multiple viewholders, splitting the work needed to create a complex list item over multiple frames. The concept is based off of Facebook's post on a faster news feed and Components for Android, which have been realized as Litho.

LastAdapter - Don't write a RecyclerView adapter again. Not even a ViewHolder!

  •    Kotlin

The list of items can be an ObservableList if you want to get the adapter automatically updated when its content changes, or a simple List if you don't need to use this feature. The LayoutHandler interface allows you to use different layouts based on more complex criteria. Its one single method receives the item and the position and returns the layout resource id.

MultiViewAdapter - Recyclerview Adapter library to create composable view holders

  •    Java

Helper library for recyclerviews to create composable view holders without boilerplate code. The Gradle dependency is available via JCenter. JCenter is the default maven repository used by Android Studio.

RecyclerViewTemplate - One Template which solves all frequently used RecyclerViews Code Snippets

  •    FreeMarker

The main purpose of this repo is to reduce the boiler plate code used in RecylerView's for different views and use cases. Yeah! All you have to just mark the fields in the template wizards. Now, you're good to go. This template supports RecyclerView customziations like list, grid, header, footer, header-footer, toggle, checkbox, radio, google play like RecyclerView and Section RecyclerView.

EasyXRecyclerView - 主要提供了简单易用强大的RecyclerView库,包括自定义刷新加载效果、极简通用的万能适配器Adapter、万能分割线、多种分组效果、常见状态页面、item动画效果、添加多个header和footer、侧滑、拖拽、Sticky(黏性)效果、多item布局等,各模块之间灵活、解耦、通用、又能相互组合使用。

  •    Java


CommonAdapter - 通用 RecyclerView 适配器,用最少的代码使用 Adapter

  •    Java

Create a common adapter and call setAdapter method of list view or recycler view.

flexadapter - The easiest way to use a RecyclerView on Android

  •    Kotlin

The examples will be in Kotlin, but this library works just as well with Java. Each layout in the adapter gets its own item class, which has fields for any mutable data in its layout. Since the items own the data and know how to bind it to a view holder, there are no intermediate data holder classes, no interfaces, and no casting to a base class and back.

OneItem - Simple implementation for one item selected RecyclerView

  •    Java

Simple implementation for one item selected RecyclerView. This makes it easier to use arbitrary VideoView (such as MediaPlayer) in RecyclerView. This library includes RecyclerView.LayoutManager and Recyclerview.OnScrollListener. You can realize auto-playing Video View like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other famous single column SNS by this library.

AdapterCommands - Drop in solution to animate RecyclerView's dataset changes by using command pattern

  •    Java

This library is deprecated. Use DiffUtils from Android RecyclerView library which does exactly the same as AdapterCommands. AdapterCommands has been developed and released before DiffUtils has been released, however, now that Google has published and is maintaining DiffUtils there is very little reason to prefer this library over DiffUtils. Drop in solution to animate RecyclerView's dataset changes by using the command pattern for adapters with not stable ids. Read my blog post for more information.

BaseRecyclerViewAdapter - An Adapter and ViewHolder that let you implementation a RecyclerView to be split into sections

  •    Kotlin

An Adapter and ViewHolder that let you implementation a RecyclerView to be split into sections. And lets you implementation paging and endless-recyclerView easily. If you want to implement multi-sections or rows on a RecyclerView, you should create more than two custom ViewHolders. And you can handle multi-layout like below.

AutoRecyclerAdapter - Automated configuration RecyclerView.Adapter for Android

  •    Java

Write repeat if and else become nightmare... One day,I decided RecyclerView.Adapter use all if and else wipe out,let RecyclerView.Adapter Automated configuration.

SimplifiedRecyclerview - An android library to help you get rid of boiler plate code when setting up Recyclerview

  •    Java

To be able to initialize MyAdapter, you will need 3 arguments, the layout id of Recyclerview viewholder list item, list of items you are interested in displaying and lastly implementation of ViewHolderCallbacks to handle binding data and view holder click events. I passed *this for the 3rd argument above because MainActivity implements ViewHolderCallbacks as shown below. The first method bindDataToViews allows you to bind data to views inside ViewHolder e.g Textviews... and the last method handles click events on the View holder.

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