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glom - ☄️ Got data? Glom it! Python's nested data operator (and CLI), for all your declarative restructuring needs

  •    Python

Real applications have real data, and real data nests. Objects inside of objects inside of lists of objects. Anything you can do at the command line readily translates to Python code, so you've always got a path forward when complexity starts to ramp up.

circular-json - JSON does not handle circular references. Now it does

  •    Javascript

Serializes and deserializes otherwise valid JSON objects containing circular references into and from a specialized JSON format. There are no dependencies.

vuvuzela - Simple and non-recursive JSON parse/stringify library

  •    Javascript

Simple and non-recursive JSON parse/stringify library. The vuvuzela is a coarse instrument, but it's lightweight, and it gets the job done.

functional-programming-in-elm - DRAFT outlining some techniques of functional programming


This is a very early draft! It is not exhaustive at all, but I figured it was worth sharing the parts that were ready. This resource focuses on the techniques of functional programming.

TwoTails - A Scala compiler plugin for mutual tail recursion

  •    Scala

A compiler plugin to add a new phase to the compiler which supports mutual tail recursion. TwoTails adds in a code transforming phase to the compiler. As such, code using macros or code enhancing techniques (such as that in Spring) may fail to compile at best or work in an unexpected manner at worst. We want to specifically call out AoP libraries such as AspectJ where the intention of an author is to have each "loop" of the recursive call trigger some side-effect. In such cases, similar to code using @tailcall, only the first "loop" will induce the effect; all others will have been compiled away.

recurserator - Handle object recursion like a boss.

  •    TypeScript

Recurserator is a set of recursive generators for recursively accessing an object. You can also use named imports.

recursion-joy - :hourglass: A set of recursion problems to be solved.

  •    Javascript

A set of recursion problems to be solved (solutions included). The aim is to work under the directory /problems. First, write a test(s) for the recursive function. Then implement a solution to get the test(s) to pass. You can find solutions under /solutions.

trampa - Trampolines, to emulate tail-recursion.

  •    Javascript

Trampolines, to emulate tail-call recursion. isTrampoline(t: obj): bool — Returns, whether t is a trampolined object.

endless - Stack overflow freedom

  •    Python

This tiny library helps you to write recursive functions without any ''stack overflow'' related pain. It works fine until the value thing is less then a sys.getrecursionlimit().

qure.js - Javascript library facilitating asynchronous programming

  •    Javascript

It is also possible to "fork" the timeline...which enables multiple queueing/chaining, independent of each other.

RecursiveArrayTools.jl - Tools for easily handling objects like arrays of arrays and deeper nestings

  •    Julia

Additionally, the convert(Array,VA::AbstractVectorOfArray) function is provided which transforms the VectorOfArray into a matrix/tensor. Also, vecarr_to_vectors(VA::AbstractVectorOfArray) returns a vector of the series for each component, that is A[i,:] for each i. A plot recipe is provided which plots the A[i,:] series. This is a VectorOfArray which stores A.t which matches A.u. This will plot (A.t[i],A[i,:]). The function tuples(diffeq_arr) returns tuples of (t,u).

recursion_schemes - Recursion schemes for Idris

  •    Idris

This is a library providing recursion schemes for Idris. It it is loosely based on Edward Kmett's Haskell library. The classic paper Functional programming with bananas, lenses, envelopes and barbed wire is the inspiration behind the Haskell library and is the standard reference on the topic. You may also find Law and Order in Algorithmics to be of use.

recursive-geometry - A program that generates geometry and recursively subdivides it into triangles, written in Rust

  •    Rust

This program generates geometry and recursively subdivides it into triangles. It doesn't really do anything useful, it just looks pretty. Run it on a big screen, use it as screen saver, do whatever you want. It's written in Rust and uses the glium library for drawing to the screen.

tailcall - :boom: Eliminate tail recursive function calls

  •    Javascript

tailcall is a browserify transform and command line utility that can be used for eliminating tail calls in recursive functions (TCO = tail call optimization). This prevents excessive growth of the used call stack and generally speaking increases performance (in most cases). tailcall uses acorn to generate and traverse the AST.

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