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rbush - RBush — a high-performance JavaScript R-tree-based 2D spatial index for points and rectangles

  •    Javascript

RBush is a high-performance JavaScript library for 2D spatial indexing of points and rectangles. It's based on an optimized R-tree data structure with bulk insertion support. Spatial index is a special data structure for points and rectangles that allows you to perform queries like "all items within this bounding box" very efficiently (e.g. hundreds of times faster than looping over all items). It's most commonly used in maps and data visualizations.

react-google-maps - React.js Google Maps integration component

  •    Javascript

The changelog is automatically generated via standard-version and can be found in project root as well as npm tarball. Please, be noted, no one, I mean, no one, is obligated to help you in ANY means. Your time is valuable, so does our contributors. Don't waste our time posting questions like “how do I do X with React-Google-Maps” and “my code doesn't work”. This is not the primary purpose of the issue tracker. Don't abuse.

flatbush - A very fast static spatial index for 2D points and rectangles in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

A really fast static spatial index for 2D points and rectangles in JavaScript. An efficient implementation of the packed Hilbert R-tree algorithm. Enables fast spatial queries on a very large number of objects (e.g. millions), which is very useful in maps, data visualizations and computational geometry algorithms.

kld-intersections - A library of intersection algorithms covering all SVG shape types

  •    Mathematica

Below is a table listing each of the supported curve types. The Name column is the name you will need to use to refer to the shape of the given type. Arguments lists the parameters you will use to describe the shape of the given curve. It is important to note that not all combinations of names are available in the API. The current implementation supports 8 types of curves. If we count all combinations of any two curves, we end up needing 8 * 8 = 64 methods to cover all cases. And when we add Arc and Path to our list, we will need 10 * 10 = 100 methods to be written. Fortunately, the order in which we specify the curves is not important.

rectangle-decomposition - Computes a minimal rectangular decomposition of a rectilinear polygon

  •    Javascript

This code is 100% JavaScript and works in both node.js and in a browser via browserify. Decomposes the polygon defined by the list of loops into a collection of rectangles.

Core - :nut_and_bolt: Point, Rectangle, Size Primitives for use across SixLabors libraries.

  •    CSharp

SixLabors.Core provides core primitives and helper methods for use across SixLabors libraries.

bitmap-to-boxes - Partitions a 2D binary image into rectangles

  •    Javascript

Partitions a binary image into a non-overlapping collection of rectangles. Works both in node.js and in browserify. Decomposes the binary bitmap image into a collection of boxes.

ImgurSniper - :camera: A quick and easy Image, Screenshot and Screen recording sharing tool

  •    CSharp

ImgurSniper was a project I initially created as my first "real" C# project while still in school. I had lots of fun developing it, but obviously made some messes in the codebase such as in-efficiency, bugs, and inconsistent styling conventions. I learned a lot from this project, and want to thank everyone of you who downloaded it, starred it and created issues in here. I'm now archiving this repository, as I have no interest in maintaining the codebase, and honestly a full rewrite with my knowledge now would be a way better decision anyways. It still works on my machine but if it doesn't work on yours then I'm afraid I can't help you. Try ShareX. Check out my other repositories for some other possibly interesting projects. PS: ImgurSniper is also in the 2020 GitHub Archive Program, pretty cool to think there's some floppy disk out there containing buggy C# code.

rectangle-pack - A general purpose, deterministic bin packer designed to conform to any two or three dimensional use case

  •    Rust

A general purpose, deterministic bin packer designed to conform to any two or three dimensional use case. rectangle-pack is a library focused on laying out any number of smaller rectangles (both 2d rectangles and 3d rectangular prisms) inside any number of larger rectangles.

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