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wal-e - Continuous Archiving for Postgres

  •    Python

WAL-E is a program designed to perform continuous archiving of PostgreSQL WAL files and base backups. To correspond on using WAL-E or to collaborate on its development, do not hesitate to send mail to the mailing list at wal-e@googlegroups.com (archives and subscription settings). Github issues are also currently being used to track known problems, so please feel free to submit those.

SeqBox - A single file container/archive that can be reconstructed even after total loss of file system structures

  •    Python

An SBX container exists both as a normal file in a mounted file system, and as a collection of recognizable blocks at a lower level.SBX blocks have a size sub-multiple/equal to that of a sector, so they can survive any level of fragmentation. Each block have a minimal header that include a unique file identifier, block sequence number, checksum, version. Additional, non critical info/metadata are contained in block 0 (like name, file size, crypto-hash, other attributes, etc.).

BlockHashLoc - Recover files using lists of blocks hashes, bypassing the File System entirely

  •    Python

The purpose of BlockHashLoc is to enable the recovery of files after total loss of File System structures, or without even knowing what FS was used in the first place.The way it can recover a given file is by keeping a (small) parallel BHL file with a list of crypto-hashes of all the blocks (of selectable size) that compose it. So it's then possible to read blocks from a disk image/volume, calculate their hashes, compare them with the saved ones and rebuild the original file.

recovery - Recover from a network failure using randomized exponential backoff.

  •    Javascript

Recovery provides randomized exponential back off for reconnection attempts. It allows you to recover the connection in the most optimal way (for both server and client). The exponential back off is randomized to prevent a DDoS like attack on your server when it's restarted, spreading the reconnection attempts instead of having all your connections attempt to reconnect at exactly the same time.The code base of this module was originally written for Primus but has been extracted as separate module. It has been thoroughly tested and it's written with love <3.

fatcat - FAT filesystems explore, extract, repair, and forensic tool

  •    C++

This tool is designed to manipulate FAT filesystems, in order to explore, extract, repair, recover and forensic them. It currently supports FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32.This will tell fatcat to begin on the 1048576th byte. Have a look to the partition tutorial.

burry.sh - Cloud Native Infrastructure BackUp & RecoveRY

  •    Go

See also GoDocs. Note: If you want to re-use your command line parameters, use the --burryfest or -b argument: this creates a manifest file .burryfest in the current directory, capturing all your settings. If a manifest .burryfest exists in the current directory subsequent invocations use this and hence you can simply execute burry, without any parameters. Remove the .burryfest file in the current directory to reset stored command line parameters.

couchdb-backup-restore - Node.js library for simple backup and restore of CouchDB databases

  •    Javascript

Creates backups of couchdb databases (.tar.gz files containing one .json file per database) and restores from those backups. Also plays nice with Cloudant (hosted CouchDB service).

torram - Utility that recreates a torrent download directory from fully and partially downloaded files

  •    Python

torram (former torrent-upstart) is a utility that recreates a torrent download directory from fully and partially downloaded file(s). If several partially-downloaded sources of the same incompleted torrent files found, it merges them together. That's the most common situation: you have several torrents having the same file(s) but for some reason these torrents are dead, so you have 75% done for one source and 85% done of another... there are chances that you actually have enough information to combine downloaded blocks from incomplete file #1 with downloaded blocks from file #2 to get a complete file as a result. The more sources you have, the better result you'll get.

ecdsa-private-key-recovery - A simple library to recover the private key of ECDSA and DSA signatures sharing the same nonce k and therefore having identical signature parameter r

  •    Python

Let's recover the private-key for two signatures sharing the same nonce k. Note how chosing the same nonce k results in both signatures having an identical signature value r. To find good candidates for an ECDSA nonce reuse check for signatures sharing the same r, pubkey on curve for different messages (or hashes). E.g. blockchain projects based off bitcoind are usually good sources of ECDSA signature material. The library is written in a way that it tries to upgrade pubkey only ecdsa objects to private key enabled ecdsa objects upon successful recovery. This makes it easy to work with recovered key objects. The library performs both ECDSA and DSA key recovery.

Chrome-Password-Recovery - A Simple Go program for Windows that will recover Google Chrome Logins

  •    Go

A Simple Go program for Windows that will recover Google Chrome Logins... Made for Windows but you might be able to edit it to work with any system. You may need to edit the path to the Login Data file, Though it should work fine in most cases. DOES NOT EXPORT OUT OF FILE, LISTS ALL LOGINS IN CONSOLE ONLY.

recovery - Create recovery/backup codes for 2FA

  •    PHP

Generate recovery/backup codes to provide a way for your users to recover from a lost two factor auth, or any problem with it. Please see CHANGELOG for more information on what has changed recently.

btrfscue - Recover files from damaged BTRFS filesystems

  •    Go

btrfscue is an advanced data recovery tool for the BTRFS filesystem. Despite being a state of the art filesystem, at the time when I started writing this (Q2 2011), BTRFS did not have a stable fsck tool that is capable of restoring a filesystem to a mountable state after a power failure or system crash. Recently, this situation has somewhat improved with the btrfs restore command. Unlike this official tool, btrfscue is designed to be able to restore data from disk images that were obtained from faulty storage devices or if all superblocks were overwritten inadvertently. Being a recovery tool, btrfscue works best on disk images and will write recovered data to a directory. It can thus be used to convert BTRFS filesystems to any other filesystem supported by the host OS. It will also recover recently deleted files and directories and aid in BTRFS filesystem forensics.

bitgo-recovery-tool - http://bitgo.github.io/bitgo-recovery-tool/

  •    Javascript

The bitgo-recovery-tool is to demonstrate that it is possible to recover Bitcoin stored on the blockchain using BitGo wallets with the wallet KeyCard that is provided upon account creation.

warrick - Recover lost websites from the Web Infrastructure

  •    HTML

This will recover a web page and compare it to a master copy. This version of Warrick has been redesigned to reconstruct lost websites from the Web Infrastructure using Memento.

argosy - Proving crash safety for systems with layered recovery

  •    Coq

Proving crash safety of systems by proving an implementation refines a specification. Argosy supports implementing layered storage systems with a recovery procedure per layer, and modular verification of each layer independent of the other recovery procedures. Argosy also includes an implementation of Crash Hoare Logic (CHL), a program logic based on Hoare logic for proving an invariant for recovery reasoning. Using Argosy we verified an extended example consisting of a write-ahead log running on top of a disk replication system. See README.md for details on extracting and running the example.

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