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Render - Swift and UIKit a la React.

  •    Swift

Render is a declarative library for building efficient UIs on iOS inspired by React. [The framework] lets us write our UIs as pure function of their states.

Under-the-hood-ReactJS - Entire React code base explanation by visual block schemes (Stack+Fiber versions)

  •    Javascript

This repository contains an explanation of inner work of React. In fact, I was debugging through the entire code base and put all the logic on visual block-schemes, analyzed them, summarized and explained main concepts and approaches. I've already finished with Stack version and now I work with the next, Fiber version. Read in the best format from github-pages website.

OpenRefine - Powerful tool for working with messy data

  •    Java

OpenRefine (previously Google Refine) is a powerful tool for working with messy data: cleaning it; transforming it from one format into another; and extending it with web services and external data.

baltar - Example graphics editor using MobX

  •    TypeScript

Then go to localhost:4444 in your browser . To read the code, start at src/index.tsx and work your way down the JSX rendering.

json-mobx - Simple undo/redo and persistence for MobX

  •    TypeScript

Based on a single trivial concept: an object must have a mutable property called json that holds its JSON representation (and by JSON we mean a plain object tree that can be round-tripped via JSON). As the json property is mutable, it means you can restore the object to a prior state by assigning to its json property. This is in contrast to most serialization systems which deserialize by creating a brand new tree of objects. Here we tend towards reconciling or minimally updating an existing tree to bring it into line with the provided JSON.

openrefine-wikibase - Wikidata reconciliation service for OpenRefine

  •    Python

MIT license. On Windows you will need to accept the Windows Firewall popup to expose the port.


  •    Javascript

Reconcile is a simple diff, patch and merge implementation inspired by Facebook's React.js approach to virtualizing the dom and performing updates through reconciliation. The goal of this library is to provide a very simple utility for performing diffs, patches and merges of html documents. The strategy is done such that you should be able to perform two-way or three-way merges depending on the context. Refer to Facebook React - Reconciliation for a more in depth look at how this algorithm is meant to function. This implementation will also perform whitespace/word based text differences to allow changes to be made to the same text node without any conflicts being produced (or atleast minimize conflicts). To install from npm, simply use the following command. Otherwise you can just clone the repo and use reconcile.umd.js or reconcile.umd.min.js. This library uses the UMD (Universal Module Definition) pattern for JavaScript modules.

Gambetta_NetworkedDemo - Fast-Paced Multiplayer: Sample Code and Live Demo - Gabriel Gambetta's Multiplayer Network Demo in Unity C# as Networked using Lidgren Network

  •    CSharp

Unity Demo showcasing networking concepts including prediction, interpolation and reconciliation in a networked (multiplayer) environment. This is a minimal demo project made in Unity 2017.2.0f3 (but it should work in older versions as well). The demo project is a very close implementation of the "Gambetta Demo" on Network Architecture - All credits to Gabriel Gambetta for that.

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