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awesome-scifi - Sci-Fi worth consuming


For fantasy books, see awesome-fantasy.Please read the Contributing Guidelines before contributing.

recommendable - :+1::-1: A recommendation engine using Likes and Dislikes for your Ruby app

  •    Ruby

Recommendable is a gem that allows you to quickly add a recommendation engine for Likes and Dislikes to your Ruby application using my version of Jaccardian similarity and memory-based collaborative filtering. Bundling one of the queueing systems above is highly recommended to avoid having to manually refresh users' recommendations. If you bundle Sidekiq, you should also include 'sidekiq-middleware' in your Gemfile to ensure that a user will not get enqueued more than once at a time. If bundling Resque, you should include 'resque-loner' for this. As far as I know, there is no current way to avoid duplicate jobs in DelayedJob. Queueing for Torquebox is also supported.

goodbooks-10k - Ten thousand books, six million ratings

  •    Jupyter

Some of these files are quite large, so GitHub won't show their contents online. See samples/ for smaller CSV snippets. Open the notebook for a quick look at the data. Download individual zipped files from releases.

taar - Telemetry-Aware Addon Recommender

  •    Python

The recommendation strategy is implemented through the RecommendationManager. Once a recommendation is requested for a specific client id, the recommender iterates through all the registered models (e.g. CollaborativeRecommender) linearly in their registered order. Results are returned from the first module that can perform a recommendation.Each module specifies its own sets of rules and requirements and thus can decide if it can perform a recommendation independently from the other modules.

hapiger - HapiGer is an http-wrapper around the Good Enough Recommendation engine using the Hapi

  •    CoffeeScript

Providing good recommendations can create greater user engagement and directly provide value by recommending items the customer might additionally like. However, many applications don't provide recommendations to users because of the difficulty in implementing a custom engine or the pain of using an off-the-shelf engine. HapiGER is a recommendations service that uses the Good Enough Recommendations (GER), a scalable, simple recommendations engine, and the Hapi.js framework. It has been developed to be easy to integrate, easy to use and very scalable.

node-recommendations - Node.js recommendations module

  •    Javascript

Which allow you to pass a name (and an options object), used for namespacing within Redis so that you may have several recommendation systems in the same db. With a name and an optional id (otherwise the id is generated).

telecheck - Simple CLI Tool For Generating Available Telegram Usernames

  •    Python

Just fill an issue and describe it. I'll check it ASAP! or send an email to sepand@qpage.ir. Remember to write a few tests for your code before sending pull requests.

larafy - Larafy is a Laravel package for Spotify API. It is more like a wrapper for the Spotify API.

  •    PHP

Larafy is a PHP API Wrapper for Spotify API. This wrapper is more oriented over Client Credentials authenticated endpoints and provides great interface and and eloquent way to search for tracks, seed genres or simply just provide custom tracks/albums listings for your users. For this, you will need an APP ID and an APP SECRET from your Spotify API Dashboard.