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guess - Libraries & tools for enabling Machine Learning driven user-experiences on the web

  •    TypeScript

Libraries and tools for enabling data-driven user-experiences on the web. Install and configure GuessPlugin - the Guess.js webpack plugin which automates as much of the setup process for you as possible.

Surprise - A Python scikit for building and analyzing recommender systems

  •    Python

Surprise is a Python scikit building and analyzing recommender systems that deal with explicit rating data. The name SurPRISE (roughly :) ) stands for Simple Python RecommendatIon System Engine.

recommendationRaccoon - A collaborative filtering based recommendation engine and NPM module built on top of Node

  •    Javascript

An easy-to-use collaborative filtering based recommendation engine and NPM module built on top of Node.js and Redis. The engine uses the Jaccard coefficient to determine the similarity between users and k-nearest-neighbors to create recommendations. This module is useful for anyone with users, a store of products/movies/items, and the desire to give their users the ability to like/dislike and receive recommendations based on similar users. Raccoon takes care of all the recommendation and rating logic. It can be paired with any database as it does not keep track of any user/item information besides a unique ID. Updated for ES6.

Recommendation Engine Demo


How does the Amazon recommendation works? This is about visualizing the item to item collaborations filtering mechanism using a item-to-item matrix table. The item-to-item matrix, the vectors and the calculated data values are displayed. There are n different items and...

ger - Good Enough Recommendation (GER) Engine

  •    CoffeeScript

Providing good recommendations can get greater user engagement and provide an opportunity to add value that would otherwise not exist. The main reason why many applications don't provide recommendations is the difficulty in either implementing a custom engine or using an existing engine. Good Enough Recommendations (GER) is a recommendation engine that is scalable, easily usable and easy to integrate. GER's goal is to generate good enough recommendations for your application or product, so that you can provide value quickly and painlessly.

OsuHelper - Beatmap suggester for osu!

  •    CSharp

Stand-alone application that recommends osu! beatmaps, based on user's top plays and calculates expected PP gain using Oppai.Note: This project is no longer maintained. The last release version still remains functional, but new updates are not expected. You are welcome to fork, but pull requests and issues are likely to be ignored.

node-recommend - A node

  •    Javascript

A Node.js module to implement a recommender engine with popular machine-learning algorithms.


  •    Javascript

Likely.js is a library used for collaborative filtering and making recommendations. It takes an input training matrix where the rows represent users and the columns represent items. Each entry in the matrix is the rating the user has given to that item. After training, you can retrieve a list of recommended items and their estimated ratings for any given user. For example, you may provide as input a training matrix where each row is a customer and the columns are the ratings they give to various movies. Then you might use this model to get recommendations for movies a given customer might like that they have not yet seen.

hexo-recommended-posts - Hexo跨博客文章互推插件,共享空间,提升流量

  •    Javascript

其中 excludePattern 可以添加想要被过滤的链接的正则表达式, 如配置为 ["example.com"], 则所有包含 example.com 的链接都会从推荐文章中过滤掉. fixedNumber 字段用来控制是否返回固定数量的推荐文章, 如果默认推荐文章不够的话会填充当前文章的前后文章作为推荐文章.

compassql - CompassQL Query Language for visualization recommendation.

  •    TypeScript

CompassQL is a visualization query language that powers chart specifications and recommendations in Voyager 2. Grouping/Nesting method names (groupBy and nest) for grouping queried visualizations into groups or hierarchical groups.

larafy - Larafy is a Laravel package for Spotify API. It is more like a wrapper for the Spotify API.

  •    PHP

Larafy is a PHP API Wrapper for Spotify API. This wrapper is more oriented over Client Credentials authenticated endpoints and provides great interface and and eloquent way to search for tracks, seed genres or simply just provide custom tracks/albums listings for your users. For this, you will need an APP ID and an APP SECRET from your Spotify API Dashboard.

citolytics - Citation Analysis for Wikipedia with Apache Flink

  •    Java

This repository contains all resources used in the research paper Evaluating Link-based Recommendations for Wikipedia including the Apache Flink based implementation of Co-Citation (CoCit) and Co-Citation Proximity Analysis (CPA) for Wikipedia, the evaluation application with several performance measures, the final and intermediate result data sets and additional tools for testing and debugging. The evaluation was performed on the English Wikipedia XML dump from September 2014. Resources regarding the Apache Lucence MoreLikeThis baseline can be found in a separate repository.

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