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OpenBR - Open Source Biometric Recognition

OpenBR is a framework for investigating new modalities, improving existing algorithms, interfacing with commercial systems, measuring recognition performance, and deploying automated biometric systems. Off-the-shelf algorithms are also available for specific modalities including Face Recognition, Age Estimation, and Gender Estimation.

regl-cnn - Digit recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks in WebGL

GPU accelerated handwritten digit recognition with regl. Note that this network will probably be slower than the corresponding network implemented on the CPU. This is because of the overhead associated with transferring data to and from the GPU. But in the future we will attempt implementing more complex networks in the browser, such as Neural Style, and then we think that we will see a significant speedup compared to the CPU.

Face Detection For Windows Phone 7

A library for performing face detection on windows phone 7. This library uses the same algorithms and detection models as OpenCV and is written in C# and built for the Windows Phone. Also includes a camera user control that supports automated taking of photos and showing camer...

Kinect Recognizer

Kinect Recognizer is a fully reusable component that implements gesture recognition for Microsoft Kinect sensor. The trivial and yet flexible configuration plus the extensible design will allow you to reuse this component with minimum development efforts.

Neural network - digit recognition

Digit recognition contain implementation of simple and effective implementation of neural network. Neural network is used to recognize handwritten digits - OCR system. Core functionality it is developed in C++ native programming language, STL, boost, GUI in C++ .NET.

Automated Recognition System Of Car Numbers

"Automated recognition of car numbers" - graduation project of a student PSTU Vitaly Maslov. It's developed in ?#

electron-speech - :microphone: Easy speech recognition in Node!

Speech recognition in node and the browser using Electron.It seems that Google has shut down the Chrome Speech API for use in shell environments like Electron, which electron-speech relies on.

ristretto - Ristretto is an Optical Character Recognition library and API for fetching remote images from the web

Ristretto is an Optical Character Recognition library and API for fetching remote images from the web. It has nothing to do with Coffee. Ristretto uses the open source OCR library, Tesseract.

soundfingerprinting - The project aims studying the audio signal in terms of its perceptual characteristics, resulting in an algorithm that will be able to detect (map) unknown audio snippets from a large database of known songs

soundfingerprinting is a C# framework designed for developers, enthusiasts, researchers in the fields of audio and digital signal processing, data mining and audio recognition. It implements an efficient algorithm which provides fast insert and retrieval of acoustic fingerprints with high precision and recall rate. Below code snippet shows how to extract acoustic fingerprints from an audio file and later use them as identifiers to recognize unknown audio query. These sub-fingerprints (or fingerprints, 2 terms are used interchangeably) will be stored in a configurable backend. The interfaces for fingerprinting and querying audio files are implemented as Fluent Interfaces.

video-preview-and-analysis-service - A Serverless Event-Driven Service for Creating Preview Animation and Labels from Video File

This is a serverless event-driven service that generates labels and creates preview animation from a video file. The most common use case could be a stock video service for short or medium length videos that need to be labeled with previews when uploaded to service. FFMPEG is used to create the preview and capturing the keyframes for Amazon Rekognition analysis.

SpeechRecognitionPlugin - W3C Web Speech API - Speech Recognition plugin for PhoneGap

Back to work on this but it's not ready yet so don't try to use. Hi, you are all probably wondering where the code is after seeing my PhoneGap Day US presentation or reading the slides. Well, I've been dealing with an illness in the family and have not has as much spare time as I would have hoped to update this project. However, things are working out better than I could have hoped for and I should have time to concentrate on this very soon.

node-ner - NodeJS Named Entity Recognition, using Stanford NER (easy install)

Node-NER uses Stanford's JAVA NER package to tag the entities in the text, then parse the output to extract the entities by type. First, you will need to download Stanford NER.