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nelson - Automated, multi-region container deployment

  •    Scala

Container-first cloud-native deployment! Checkout the documentation site for more details.

delorean - Convert Task to Future, and Future to Task

  •    Scala

scalaz-7.0.x is not supported. Obviously, the above is misleading since the definitions of these functions are non-blocking, but this should give you an idea of their rough semantics.

helm - A native Scala client for interacting with Consul

  •    Scala

A native Scala client for interacting with Consul. There is currently one supported client, which uses http4s to make HTTP calls to Consul. Alternative implementations could be added with relative ease by providing an additional free interpreter for the ConsulOp algebra. The Helm binaries are located on maven central, so no additional resolvers are needed.

journal - A reasonable logging library for Scala

  •    Scala

Journal is a fast, simple, Scala library for logging, based on SLF4J. It uses Logback as the default backend, but you can supply any backend you want. Please view the documentation for more information.

knobs - A reasonable configuration library for Scala

  •    Scala

Please view the documentation for more information, and go to Maven Central for the latest releases.

quiver - A reasonable library for modeling multi-graphs in Scala

  •    Scala

Please view the documentation for more information. Releases are available on maven central.

sbt-rig - Common build and release steps for SBT projects

  •    Scala

Before looking over the items below, you might find it useful to read this article which explains the rationale of sbt-rig, and common setup instructions for users. That's all you need to do. The plugin itself makes use of SBT auto-plugins, so you never need to explicitly enable it for the common functionality sbt-rig provides. There are a set of optional modules (see below) that you can explicitly enable for extra functionality.

slipway - Compact binary for integrating Nelson with your CI

  •    Go

Slipway provides a small, native binary that creates Github releases and the associated metadata needed for the Nelson deployment system. It is safe to rerun this script to keep slipway current. If you have the source code checked out locally, you need only execute: scripts/install to install the latest version of slipway.