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Batch File OS (Windows hosting)

*BATCH FILE OS* Batch File OS is possibly the first-ever platform-based OS created in the MS-DOS Batch language. Scripting language: * MS-DOS Batch Other languages are welcome in this project, as long as they can be integrated in the Batch script.

video-quickstart-js - Twilio Video SDK Quick Start for JavaScript

When you generate an API key pair at the URLs above, your API Secret will only be shown once - make sure to save this in a secure location, or possibly your ~/.bash_profile.Edit .env with the configuration parameters we gathered from above.

temp-dir - Get the real path of the system temp directory

The os.tmpdir() built-in doesn't return the real path. That can cause problems when the returned path is a symlink, which is the case on macOS. Use this module to get the resolved path.

algebra - Vectors, matrices, tensors for Node.js

New: checkout matrices and vectors made of strings, with cyclic algebra.NOTA BENE Imagine all code examples below as written in some REPL where expected output is documented as a comment.

peer-data - Library for files, media streaming/sharing using WebRTC

PeerData is a library for bidirectional peer-to-peer transfers of arbitrary data using RTCDataChannel. Simple WebRTC wrapper providing data channel abstraction.WebRTC needs a messaging service to set up and maintain a WebRTC call.

signal-channel - A signal channel that empowers webrtc

WebRTC allows you to make a peer connection between two arbitary browsers. To be able to do so you need to exchange session descriptions that tell eachother where you are and how you can open a peer connection. To exchange these session descriptions you need a signal channel. A server to which you can send descriptions and receive descriptions.

galwaybus - Scrape the rtpi.ie site for Galway Bus Eireann RTPI data.

Lists all the available bus routes in the Galway transit system. This list is hard-coded and would need to be updated manually, should the routes ever change. Returns a list of stops on a given route. Use the timetable_id retrieved from the routes.json API. In the reponse, the stops key will contain all stops, separated into two arrays — the separate arrays represent the opposite directions taken by the bus on the route.

scrapman - Retrieve real (with Javascript executed) HTML code from an URL, ultra fast and supports multiple parallel loading of webs

Scrapman is a blazingly fast real (with Javascript executed) HTML scrapper, built from the ground up to support parallel fetches, with this you can get the HTML code for 50+ URLs in seconds (~30 seconds). On NodeJS you can easily use request to fetch the HTML from a page, but what if the page you are trying to load is NOT a static HTML page, but it has dynamic content added with Javascript? What do you do then? Well, you use The Scrapman.


When you generate an API key pair at the URLs above, your API Secret will only be shown once - make sure to save this in a secure location, or possibly your ~/.bash_profile. Edit .env with the four configuration parameters we gathered from above.

RAE-API - Diccionario RAE API

This is RAE private API. With this library you can find similar words, get word of the day and word definitions. You can download it here.