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Batch File OS (Windows hosting)

*BATCH FILE OS* Batch File OS is possibly the first-ever platform-based OS created in the MS-DOS Batch language. Scripting language: * MS-DOS Batch Other languages are welcome in this project, as long as they can be integrated in the Batch script.

video-quickstart-js - Twilio Video SDK Quick Start for JavaScript

When you generate an API key pair at the URLs above, your API Secret will only be shown once - make sure to save this in a secure location, or possibly your ~/.bash_profile.Edit .env with the configuration parameters we gathered from above.

temp-dir - Get the real path of the system temp directory

The os.tmpdir() built-in doesn't return the real path. That can cause problems when the returned path is a symlink, which is the case on macOS. Use this module to get the resolved path.

algebra - Vectors, matrices, tensors for Node.js

New: checkout matrices and vectors made of strings, with cyclic algebra.NOTA BENE Imagine all code examples below as written in some REPL where expected output is documented as a comment.

peer-data - Library for files, media streaming/sharing using WebRTC

PeerData is a library for bidirectional peer-to-peer transfers of arbitrary data using RTCDataChannel. Simple WebRTC wrapper providing data channel abstraction.WebRTC needs a messaging service to set up and maintain a WebRTC call.

signal-channel - A signal channel that empowers webrtc

WebRTC allows you to make a peer connection between two arbitary browsers. To be able to do so you need to exchange session descriptions that tell eachother where you are and how you can open a peer connection. To exchange these session descriptions you need a signal channel. A server to which you can send descriptions and receive descriptions.

galwaybus - Scrape the rtpi.ie site for Galway Bus Eireann RTPI data.

Lists all the available bus routes in the Galway transit system. This list is hard-coded and would need to be updated manually, should the routes ever change. Returns a list of stops on a given route. Use the timetable_id retrieved from the routes.json API. In the reponse, the stops key will contain all stops, separated into two arrays — the separate arrays represent the opposite directions taken by the bus on the route.