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klipse - A simple client-side code evaluator pluggable on any web page: clojure, ruby, javascript, python, scheme, es2017, jsx, brainfuck, c++, reagent, lua, ocaml, reasonml

  •    Clojure

A simple client-side code evaluator pluggable on any web page: clojure, ruby, javascript, python, scheme, es2017, jsx, brainfuck, c++, reagent, ocaml, reason, common lisp

status-react - a free (libre) open source, mobile OS for Ethereum

  •    Clojure

Join us in creating a browser, messenger, and gateway to a decentralized world. Status is a free (libre) open source mobile client targeting Android & iOS built entirely on Ethereum technologies. That's right, no middle men and go-ethereum running directly on your device. We believe in a medium of pure free trade, economies with fair, permission-less access and a world without intermediaries. We want to create policies that can exist between friends or scale globally, we want to communicate securely and be uninhibited by legacy systems.

re-frame - A Reagent Framework For Writing SPAs, in Clojurescript.

  •    Clojure

This, milord, is my family's axe. We have owned it for almost nine hundred years, see. Of course, sometimes it needed a new blade. And sometimes it has required a new handle, new designs on the metalwork, a little refreshing of the ornamentation ... but is this not the nine hundred-year-old axe of my family? And because it has changed gently over time, it is still a pretty good axe, y'know. Pretty good. re-frame is a pattern for writing SPAs in ClojureScript, using Reagent.

reagent - A minimalistic ClojureScript interface to React.js

  •    Clojure

A simple ClojureScript interface to React. Reagent provides a way to write efficient React components using (almost) nothing but plain ClojureScript functions.

re-com - A ClojureScript library of reusable components for Reagent

  •    Clojure

A ClojureScript library of UI components. It is built on top of Dan Holmsand's terrific Reagent which, in turn, is a layer over Facebook's trailblazing React.

reagent-cookbook - Examples of how to accomplish specific tasks in a Reagent webapp.

  •    Clojure

The goal of this repo is to provide recipes for how to accomplish specific tasks in a reagent webapp. For updates, follow us on twitter: @ReagentProject. Please include #reagent #cljs when tweeting about reagent.

cljs-electron - ClojureScript + Electron + Figwheel + Reagent = ❤❤❤

  •    Clojure

My attempt to recreate ClojureScript development workflow while developing desktop apps with electron. After that you can follow distribution guide for the electron.

reagent-forms - Bootstrap form components for Reagent

  •    HTML

A ClojureScript library to provide form data bindings for Reagent, see here for a live demo. The library uses a Reagent atom as the document store. The components are bound to the document using the :field attribute. This key will be used to decide how the specific type of component should be bound. The component must also provide a unique :id attribute that is used to correlate it to the document. While the library is geared towards usage with Twitter Bootstrap, it is fairly agnostic about the types of components that you create.

re-frisk - Visualize re-frame pattern data or reagent ratom data as a tree structure, watch re-frame events and export state in the debugger

  •    Clojure

Visualize re-frame pattern data or reagent ratom data as a tree structure, watch re-frame events and export state. In-app re-frisk debugger. The debugger will be embedded into the interface of your application.

tengen - Simple let-based Reagent component fns for Clojure/Script

  •    Clojure

Ten-gen (天元) is a Japanese Go term for the central, and only unique point on the Go board.Reactjs has its pros and cons. Overall, it can be a good fit for web/native application development with Clojure/Script.

datsys - (+ clj cljs datomic datascript re-frame-esque-frp)

  •    Clojure

It is all of these things and none of these things. It is whichever of them you decide to hook up.This describes a system that is syncing a DataScript database on a client with (most likely) a Datomic database on a server, with messages transmitted by a default Sente-based implementation of the Remote abstraction's protocol(s). This DataScript database then feeds a view using the datview component :app. The one core piece in orchestrating all of this is the reactor and the dispatcher. Together these manage the flow of events and their updates on the app state, as well as orchestrate side effects.

keechma - Micro frontend framework for ClojureScript and Reagent

  •    Clojure

Read the guides or the API docs to find out more about Keechma.Kičma (lat. columna vertebralis) is a Croatian word for backbone / spine.

keechma-toolbox - Collection of useful Keechma libraries

  •    Clojure

A set of libraries that make working with Keechma easier.Distributed under the MIT License.

semira - Plays your music collection over the web in your browser.

  •    Clojure

A simple application to stream audio from your server to your browser for listening. It provides a HTML5 frontend to audio files (MP3, FLAC, OGG, M4A) for searching and playing. The files are recoded before streaming them to save bandwidth and be compatible with the browser you are using. This application is build using Clojure and ClojureScript to handle user requests and uses GStreamer to recode audio files. The recoded audio files are cached for later use.

quinto - a board game lost to the sands of time

  •    Clojure

An implementation of an old abandoned board game.

tomaat - :tomato: Slack integrated pomodoro timer... with Electron + ClojureScript!

  •    Clojure

An electron app written in ClojureScript. Integrates with Slack to let people know you are doing great things! Uses reagent for the UI. Tomaat uses lein-figwheel for hot reloading of all source files. Since Tomaat leverages electron apis across the board - all builds target :nodejs.

re-alm - An Elm Architecture experiment in ClojureScript

  •    Clojure

You want to build SPAs the simplest way possible, using nothing, but pure, composable functions. In the render function you get the model, and a function to dispatch your messages with. The messages are automatically routed to your update function.

komponentit - Collection of bespoke Reagent components

  •    Clojure

Unlike more general of our libraries (like compojure-api and ring-swagger) this project is primarily intended for use in Metosin's projects. Feel free to use, but don't expect support. Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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